Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nice Weekend

The weather has been pretty nice this weekend and Ian and I made the most of it by walking around.  We didn't bring the camera, unfortunately.  We've gotten out of the habit since it's been so cold.  I'll be keeping it in my purse from now on.

We got up this morning and I talked to my brother for a little while; I'm glad I got to talk to him, since it's his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Rob!  We wish we could be there and celebrate with you.

We saw Astro Boy at 11:45.  I think it's the earliest I've ever seen a movie.  As it turns out, it was dubbed in Korean.  Strange, because the opening credits listed the original voice actors.  It has a good cast, too bad we didn't get to hear the English dialogue.  The story was easy enough to follow, though, and it was still enjoyable.

We stopped at a place called Han's Deli (which is not actually a deli at all) to eat.  Ben and Amy have had good luck there, so we thought we'd try it out.  We got the sweet potato tortilla pizza and a side of white rice, which was the only vegetarian thing on the menu.  We could possibly get other things without meat, but we decided to take the easy road.  The 'pizzas' were decent, though I thought they were a little fatty and oily for my taste.  The sweet potato salad they put on it would have been better without the cheese, so I scraped and picked for the good stuff.  Then Ian and I walked all the way down to Haso, had coffee at a little place called Cafe a Latte and walked all the way back.  A few things I wish we would have gotten pictures of:  an elk farm (maybe 20 head) near the outskirts of Sinback that we walked past, kids trying to break the ice of the frozen river they were playing on, and a mom helping her young daughter change near the same river.  We're not sure if the mom and daughter were homeless, but they seemed to have a lot of their things with them.  We'll have our camera from now on.

Still no sign of Ian's diploma, but our American Eagle package did come.  It only took about a week. Granted, shipping was fifty bucks.

Woot!  Package!

Ian got two pairs of shoes, boxers and a new thermal.  I got a new thermal, sweatpants and a new pair of jeans that actually fit.

Good night!

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  1. Ian, I like both pairs of shoes. will you be wearing them at seperate times? lol I really hope that diploma comes this week.