Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Day

School was cancelled today because of heavy snowfall.  We got about eight inches from 8am to 5pm.  Here's hoping for more school tonight so that our vacation might be extended further.  I could use another day to not be sick or run to the pharmacy for more cold medication.  I feel like if I lived the 17c or so, doctors would tell me to leave Korea for a warmer climate because the air is bad for my health.  Doctors are always saying that in period films.  I wonder if those beliefs were actually widely held.

Today started normally, with us getting up and writing out lesson plans.  But Julia called to tell us school was cancelled and then our meeting was moved to Wednesday.  So, we sat around and went to see Sherlock Holmes this evening.  I liked it a lot, but I don't know if I'll write a review unless I have the opportunity to see it again.  I feel pretty foggy about the whole film.  Maybe it's the cold or maybe it wasn't that memorable or striking.  I'm not sure, but I did enjoy it.

We (Ian) took some pictures of the snow, but we didn't get out until dark there are fewer than we'd hoped.  But, here are some pictures of our Korean winter wonderland.

The school yard out our window.

The treacherous hill and parking lot.  Lots of sirens today.

Snow pile on our banister.  It's a very dry snow, at least.

A bus nearly mowing folks down.  This photo isn't taken through our screen, it's just that snowy.

Person brushing snow off the outdoor exercise equipment.


Snow build up.

We ran from this van because it was swerving it's way up the hill.

I don't really like snow, my face was just frozen that way.

This (below) last one's not from today, but I thought it was worth sharing.  There's too many of me in today's post.  I need to take the camera back.

Our hovel at the Incheon airport.  We slept on Friday there to avoid paying for a hostel while we waited for express buses to start running again.

Have a good Monday!  Good night!


  1. everyone had snow days today!! yay!!

  2. the snow is beautiful, but looks very chilly indeed. Love the photos, the little nook you built yourselves looks cozy