Monday, February 1, 2010

A Movie Before Bed

Ian and I end our days by watching a couple episode of a television show or movie together on his laptop.  I'm really excited for LOST to start, but we probably won't be able to watch it on ABC's website.  They don't allow streaming video and when we use our IP Blocker our connection is just slow enough to lag the video.  So, we'll be downloading it episode by episode and we won't get to watch it until Wednesday nights or, more likely, Thursday.

Last night we watched Paranormal Activity before we went to sleep.  Not the best idea.  Ian and I are really resillient when it comes to horror and this movie is not even very good.  But, watching a movie that revolves around unexplainable bad things happening to a couple while they sleep and then exactly mimicking the characters' vulnerability is a sure method to stir up unnecessary anxiety.  Neither Ian nor I slept very well.  Our apartment was too hot, even with the window open and we were both awakened by our own nervous energy several times over.  So, we weren't exactly thrilled when Gene called at 9am to say our meeting was moved from 12:20 to 11.  But, better an earlier meeting with Gene than any meeting with Julia.

My classes went very well today.  We started using MadLibs (well, one that I made) in our Essential 1 and 2 classes today.  My Essential 1 kids got it and had a lot of fun with it, but, strangely, my Essential 2 struggled with it.  Hopefully, with more practice, they'll really get into it and better understand the ridiculousness of it.

Our three day weekend for Seolnal (Korean New Year) is coming up; it's the 13th, 14th, and 15th.  So, we'll be going to Busan for Ian's birthday.  We haven't done any research yet, but Gene did say that he would help us find a place to stay.  He used to live in Busan.  Later, he mentioned that he might come with us.  And, as nice as it is to have a guide, I'd rather Ian and I spend it just us.  It is also Valentine's Day, after all.  I always prefer going to a new place by ourselves the first time, anyway.  When you involve other people, you usually have to compromise a lot of what you want, or you are rushed through the experience.  Granted, our trip to Seoul with Ben and Amy wasn't like that at all.  But, the few times we've traveled with Koreans they've damn near literally drug us around by the elbow.

As of today, Ian and I have been married for six months.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long at all, for the most part.  It's amazing how much has happened since then.

Good night!


  1. It is amazing how fast time goes and how much changes, doesn't it?
    We will be celebrating Lunar New Year in Chinatown ourselves. I hope your trip works out and does not involve any pushing from Korean friends.

  2. Happy 6 month anniversary. I think you will like Busan, I hope to see that area when i visit

  3. Chelsea- Have fun in Chinatown. That should be rad.

    Mom- We plan on doing Seoul, Busan, the DMZ and Jeju-Do with you. Don't worry. You'll see lots.