Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haircuts, Pizza and Beer

Ian and I stayed up until about 6am watching Six Feet Under.  While that might sound like we're in love with the show, we're actually trying to finish the series so we can move on to something less dark.  This show gives us weird dreams.

We met Ben and Amy at Emart this afternoon for haircuts.  The salon in Emart is pretty standard and we felt moderately comfortable there.  Once we got in, things happened really fast.  So, we didn't get any real before photos.  All of us were so nervous during our haircuts that we had to remember to breath.  Amy and I brought in pictures and translations of what we wanted, but the boys winged it.  Amy's stylist was obviously uncomfortable cutting her hair and hardly did anything for her at all.  Ian and Ben had to encourage their stylists to take their hair shorter.  My stylist seemed pretty confident, in fact, when I asked him for more angle in my bangs, he assured me that they were the way they should be.  So, I took a deep breath and just sat.  I love the cut, but he had no idea how to style it.  First of all, he blew my hair down and then used a roller brush to give my hair shape and volume.  He could have saved himself a step or two if he had blow dried my hair correctly.  It's pretty strange being an ethnic manority.  Wow, that sounds even stranger.

The dynamic in the salon was very different than in the states.  The men ran the show.  All managers and stylists were men and the women did clipped mens cuts and shampoos.  After my shampooing (which was done after my cut) the woman was beginning to dry my hair.  My (male) stylist waved her away, stuck his hand out for the blowdrier and continued himself.  Pretty funny.

Okay, here are some makeshift before shots:

Ian's shaggy hair on Christmas morning.

This is literally the only photo I have of me with my hair down from the last few months.  It was about down to my collar bones.

Now for the results:

Ian looks unhappy, but he isn't.  His hair is nice, short and fuzzy.

The cut's great, but he overstyled it.  I look like I'm running for office.

They trimmed Amy's hair, but they didn't do much else.  Maybe they'll be more comfortable next time.  I don't have a picture for Ben, but he managed to keep his hair from being Koreanized.  It looks great.

There's a nail salon next to the hair place, so Amy and I decided to go in.  They weren't doing toes tonight, so we just had manicures.  They oiled and trimmed my cuticles for nearly forty minutes.  It was intense.

I chose this "suede" purple that I really like.

Amy went with a really pretty blue.  And she had little flowers done on her pinkies.  The woman painted them by hand.  It was pretty amazing.

We tried for ice cream fondue, but they still don't have it at the Emart Baskin Robbins, so we came back to our place.  We ordered pizzas drank a couple bottles of imported beer and watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  It was a great movie.  I really recommend it, especially if you like Wes Anderson.

 Back to work tomorrow.  Good night!


  1. First of all, about six feet under, can't you just abort the mission?

    Ian your hair cut is the best i have seen on you it is fantastic. Casey, I absolutely love your cut, and I like the style job, I don't think it is overdone at all, Can you bring those stylists back to the states when you come home? what was the cost compared to what you are used to in the states? The manicure looks great, can't believe she hand painted those. you and Amy should make that a regular treat.

    I am so jealous , I wanted to see the Incredible Mr. Fox, but could not get anyone to go see it with me. I wanted it to be our family holiday movie, but nooo! So I guess I should just see it myself, I am getting good at that. Have a good work week!

  2. Our Fantastic Mr. Fox file is about 1 gig, but I'll see if I can maybe zip it and send it to you.

    We finished Six Feet Under last night. Very sad. We didn't just stop because we were so close to the end of the series.

    I really like Ian's haircut, too. It was 30,000 won for Ian and I (about $25). Mine was 20,000 (about $17) and Ian's was 10,000 (about $8). So, very cheap. My nails were 15,000 (about $13). You don't tip here, either. The products were all about the same price as they are stateside.

  3. great job of capturing our adventure but no mention of the elevator incident, glad it all worked out. My kids loved my nails today, especially the girls. and when I was styling my hair this morning I found out my "bangs" aka the chunks of hair above my forehead where cut at the wrong angle they angle up towards the left side. opposite my part, how he did that I can't even understand! oh well, its times like this i'm glad my hair grows fast. always good times with you two! ; )

  4. Oh my gosh. How does someone do that? Here's to a fast grow out.

    Wow! I can't believe I forgot about the elevator. Thank you for reminding me! I'll add it to tonight's post.