Friday, January 29, 2010

Night In

Ian's got a nasty stomach bug, so we're in for the night.  He called in sick today which is a rarity for him.  Terry covered Ian's classes, but Julia made sure to have Gene text him and say "Monday you should work, no replacement."  Nice.

I didn't feel like doing dishes (not that I ever feel like doing the dishes), so I ordered a pizza from Dominos.  Ordering over the phone isn't easy, but it can be done if you're patient.  The girl who answered tonight was really nice, so that helped.

Nothing unusual happened at work today, except that Captain came in to my 'office' (an unused classroom) and started removing all the chairs for some reason.  I never figured out what she needed them for.  Almost none of my students did their homework this week.  There are some students who I expect that from, but this week it was a little more extreme.  I can't really blame them, since I feel for them going to hagwon on winter vacation.  But, it's frustrating to spend time making these homework assignments that you hope will be fun (or at least interesting) just to have it folded into their book.  We don't really have a way to discipline them, either.  They simply get fewer stickers and the kids over twelve don't really care.  Actually, many of the younger kids don't care about stickers either.  Maybe with the new changes there will be more some discipline procedures put in place.

Pizza's here!  Good night!

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  1. Hope Ian gets feeling better, Bruce had the same bug. Or at least one that mimicked his symptoms. funny you mentioned Domino's Pizza , they have a huge marketing campaign going on in the states, basically acknowledging that their pizza was terrible and how they have made changes to everything.