Thursday, January 28, 2010


At yesterday's meeting Gene confirmed the changes that will be happening at Yoon's in March.  He's been saying that things we're going to change but he didn't know any details at all.  Well, the changes are actually only initially happening for Ian and then my schools will follow in May if it all works out.

First of all, the Janrak campus will be closing and Goam will be expanding.  This makes a lot of sense, since the campuses are so close to each other.  Yoon's recently purchased a daycare down the hall from the Goam campus, so it will be used for the influx.  All of the books will change as well as the scheduling.

Right now, each student comes in individually to listen to their tapes whenever they can.  Then, they simply tell the Korean teacher what they've finished and they sign off on it.  Then once a week some of the Yoon's students see us for class, where we use completely different material than anything else they've been working with.  Recently, Terry and Gene began teaching grammar classes in our classrooms on off days and some of the more advanced students attend those once a week as well.

Starting in March, each student will have a specific time to come in and listen to their tapes depending on their level.  There will be ten students per group.  Then they will have a forty minute class in which the Korean teachers will actually teach.  Once a week, those same ten students will see us for forty minutes to practice speaking the material they've been working with the rest of the week (so the topics and themes will be the same across the board).  So, we'll still only see each class once a week, but they'll be actively using the same material all week, giving them a chance to actually absorb it.  Every student that attends Yoon's will participate in every part of the program.  So, if they're a Yoon's student, we will see them.

Also, a Korean woman who moved to Canada when she married a Canadian man will be coming to help out at the revised Goam campus (that's all we know about her).  The principles are also shifting places.  Jasmine (Janrak's principle) will be coming to work at Sinback and "Captain" (the nameless woman currently in charge of Sinback) will be come a parent consultant, in charge of bringing in more students.  I'll be glad to have Jasmine.  Captain does not exactly put off the best energy, as my mother would say.

These changes are all very exciting.  But, because my schools will be behind, it will mean consistent, but slight differences in Ian and my schedule and we will no longer be able to split the workload on making lesson plans.  Bummer.  Also, Ian gets the new Korean-Canadian teacher, so I'm still left with no one to chat with.  Hopefully, there will be some interesting things in store for me when Sinback and Haso make the shift.

Wow, only four weeks until we've finished our second term.  Good night!


  1. Sounds like the changes are all for the better. I am a little confused on the "tapes", are these Korean classes or English classes?

  2. The tapes are for listening to stories and lessons in English. Sometimes they're listen and repeat type stuff.