Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coming Soon: More Snow

Rumor has it that we'll be hit with more snow soon.  It's supposed to be as much as we got on the 4th (our snow day).  As much as I like random days off, I don't like working on Saturday.  So, I'm a little torn in the wishing for snow area.

Today was very long.  I'm still getting used to getting up early again and it's taking it's toll.  I wouldn't change it, though.  I love working out in the morning.  It's really the perfect way to start the day.

I only had one class act up today.  I have a Beginner 2 class at 6:30 on Wednesdays.  It's really too late for kids that age.  They're either too tired or too burnt out by that time.  Two boys (Alejandro and Alexander) just wouldn't be quiet.  Then when I'd discipline them, they'd act offended and blame the other.  I thought my last class might be cancelled, but my students just showed up ten and fifteen minutes late.  I hate that I have to wait around for them.  If they don't show up (close to) on time, it's on them, not me.

Ian's students were terrible today.  His Wednesdays are always bad, but today especially.  One class of his wouldn't listen to him and responded to the "No Korean" signs in the room by speaking in Chinese.

So, we're pretty worn out.

  I've been studying more Korean lately.  'They' say that two of the best things you can do to stay level headed in a foreign country is exercise and study the Native language.  Generally, as long as it's contextual, I can understand what the kids ask me in Korean.  It's part assumption part understanding, but it's something.

Amy, Ian and I are getting haircuts on Sunday.  There's a place in Emart that looks pretty standard, so here's hoping I come out okay.  I'll be sure to document the experience thoroughly.

I haven't had anything specific to post about lately.  If it behooves you, feel free to post a comment about what you'd like to know more about or what you'd like me to write about.

Good night!


  1. A hair cut , can't wait to see it. I got my hair cut and the works today. Brianna said to say hello, she has been reading the blog. Said it is great. I am happy to hear you are studying Korean more lately. You will be quite proficient by the time i get there.
    The blog is great , just keep doing what you are doing. I would like to hear about some of your neighbors where you live, and if you get to interact with them at all. Also I am interested in hearing more about the different foods of Korea, I know you have talked some about it already, but I know there is more.

  2. thanks for the heads up about the snow, I try and watch the weather on the news on tv an it doesn't ever really make sense so I check everyday. Could be good for us at least if it snows like a banchee again. We could use another day off ; ) fingers-crossed for the hair cuts, i'm sooo excited. I printed of pics of what I want and I looked up a bunch of applicable words to help us out.