Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend School

I was pretty grumpy about having to go into work today, but once I got there it wasn't so bad.  My classes were pretty empty, so it was laid back and I studied a little Korean between classes.  A lot of my students said they were tired, so I think they were more bummed out about being there than I was.  In one Basic 3 class we were talking about the beach and my students were trying to figure out the word 'buried.'  They drew people half covered in mounds of sand.  When I told them buried and drew a hole on the bored, they got concerned and said, "No, not dead."  I agreed, and told them that it didn't mean that the person was dead.  Then I had to qualify it with, "Well, sometimes people are dead."  It became the quote of the day and my students randomly repeated throughout class.  I like it when my students understand ironic humor.

After work I met Ian downtown for pizza and a movie.  We ran into Julia outside the theater.  She and her family were going to see a movie, too.  There's a pizza and toast place attached to the theater, so we all went in there.  As Ian and I were ordering our pizza, Julia walked up and paid for it, though we protested.  It was very nice for her.  She said it was for working on Saturdays.  After eating, Ian and I watched The Road.  It was very interesting and Ian said it stuck close to the book.  It's sad on a very deep level and the narrative hardly has a beginning, middle or end, so it's a strange audience experience.

Ian cleaned the apartment while I was at work today.  He also picked up a toaster oven for me.  It's tiny (only a little bigger than an Easy Bake Oven), but I'm so excited about it.  Maybe I'll make something tomorrow.

Good night!


  1. Aw, toaster oven. What shall you make?
    I heard The Road is quite depressing in the best possible way. Just when you think that the whole apocalypses theme isn't sad or scary anymore this movie comes out. I'll wait until it's out on the small screen, I think.

  2. It's really good, but it doesn't really leave you with much happiness. It's one that is totally worth watching, but if you can plan it between something like Hidalgo or a History of Violence or a Lord of the Rings would be really good. That way you can see Viggo as a badass before and after. I think it will make it easier to take. We watched "The Road" and then "Six Feet Under"... sad sad sad death death death.