Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Languid Tuesday

Ian and I stayed up too late last night watching Six Feet Under.  We didn't manage to get up until quarter to eight, but we still went to the gym.  My workout was excellent, but really hard.  Day two is always hard and we had two weeks off to make it that way.  While I was heading into the locker room, the owner told me that we shouldn't run, but that we should walk instead because it was better (he seemed concerned about our knees).  I smiled, said okay and continued on my way.  People really don't run here.  They must really believe the bad outweighs the good.

My work day was long, despite it starting later than the rest of the week.  My students are on vacation from regular school and my classroom was just another place to goof around and talk with friends.  It was really tough to keep control of my classes today.  My little kids were aiming for each other's faces with the ball and my older kids would not stop chatting.  It was frustrating, but I understand their deal.  It must put a hitch in vacation to have to go to study school.

Ian's classes had either incessant chatting or complete silence, without much in between.  I don't think our lesson plans are as strong this week as they usually are, so that may be part of the problem.

It's gotten really cold again.  Gene said that we should expect snow sometime soon.  He emailed me last night to tell me that Julia was asking him for a tracking code for Ian's diploma (they never actually registered us, so Mom had to send Ian's to us).  I told him the the US Postal Service is not like Korea's.  They don't track international packages.  As they said to my mom, "Once it's out of the country, they have no idea where it is."  Julia doesn't trust that it's in the mail.  They probably should have registered us in the beginning (when we were sending in all our paperwork, they even had my diploma), since the board is now crawling up their asses about it.  I think they may be facing a hefty fine, but I don't feel bad.  As a business, they are an unorganized mess.

Good night!

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