Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Teaser

Our New Year's was fabulous and it deserves a detailed blog.  So, I thought I'd invite you to guess where we spent it and I'll blog about it on Saturday (no blog tomorrow, as we'll be in transit).  So, what's your guess?  Please comment below.  Also, it'd be great if you shared where you spent (or will spend) the evening.

Here's a hint for our New Year's:

Happy 2010- Year of the Tiger!


  1. Ok, I'll take the bait.

    Based on the picture, I'm going to guess you spent new year's at a jellyfish convention?

  2. Google is my friend so I think I know. :) I will mask my answer:
    Z***** B******* T*****!

    I am sure you had an awesome time! What a cool way to ring in 2010!

    We will be sitting home tonight because Grant is still getting over being sick. :P

  3. I cheated and looked it up too, I would not have had a clue otherwise. how cool! Happy New Year to you both. Happy Year of the Tiger.

    We will be spending it at home, as all of us have had this flu, Bruce is recovering today. I feel slightly better today. We will watch Dick Clark or something totaling boring like that. Probably will watch a episode of Northern Exposure, best show ever. We did have plans to see Avatar till the flu hit like a vengeance. Bummer. Glad you guys brought in 2010 larger than life.

  4. I saw two pictures of it online on cnn, it was some temple in Tokyo, very cool!

  5. Well, I accidentally peaked ahead. We stayed home. Poppa has been in the hospital with horrendously painful gout and Grandma has been really hard to deal with this week as she has lost her multiple, multiple phone calls and, in general, lots of issues to deal with there. It's been crazy so we just hid from the world.