Monday, January 18, 2010

The End of an Era

We finished Six Feet Under last night.  The final episode was really heavy and poignant.  We were almost watching it in spite of ourselves toward the end, but it's not because it's not a good show.  It's actually a great show; but a show with themes of mortality and familial angst is not meant to be watched more frequently than it's intended once a week, and we were watching anywhere from two to four episodes a night.

Here's the final ten minutes of the last episode.  If you've never watched the show, it will probably mean nothing to you.  If you're interested in watching the series in full, you might not want to watch the video.  The epilogue is much talked about and for great reason.

Today was a good day.  It's become difficult for me to get going on Mondays.  I don't feel like I'm moving forward here and each new week feels like a rush of stagnation.  But, once I get going Mondays aren't so bad.  The material's fresh, so the classes fly by and I never have to use filler on these early week days.

I forgot an interesting episode in yesterday's post.  While Amy, Ben, Ian and I were getting out of the elevator, a delivery guy was getting in.  He didn't really leave us space or time to get out, so we had to squeeze our way out and in the process Ian dropped his keys down the shaft.  So, Ian hopped back in the elevator with the delivery guy, who made fun of him the whole way.  Ben followed a few minutes later to help, while Amy and I waited.  They got the super/security guy, which I'm thankful for since Ian's plan consisted of sending Ben to the top floor, wedging the doors open and hopping down to get the keys and then climbing out.  The super did just that, except he turned off the elevator first.  A crucial component to the key rescue not ending in death.  So, it ended well, but it was a minor ordeal with the rude delivery guy.

It's time to settle in and watch something a little lighter for a change.  Have a great Monday!  Good night!


  1. Whatcha gonna watch now? Please say Pushing Daisies.

  2. Glad you had a good Monday. I did not ever watch Six feet Under, so sometime when we talk i will have you help me make since of the last 10 minutes of the show. It got a lot of awards , I think I would have liked it, but at the time of the series I don't think net flicks excisted and we did not get HBO or whatever movie channel that was on.

    I am glad Ian did not go into the evevator shaft.

  3. Chelsea- We're sticking to lighthearted movies for this week. We watched The Informant last night. Then, we'll pick up Dexter for the fourth season. We're downloading Gilmore Girls, but I don't think we'll watch that one marathon style (only because I've seen every episode). I've only seen about ten minutes of Pushing Daisies, but I'll take your recommendation. I wish we could buy box sets here; I feel so sketchy!

    Mom- The show follows the Fisher family. They own a Funeral Parlor, so the show deals with mortality on a large scale and on a personal level. Each episode begins with the death of a stranger (marked by the white screen with the dates) who will go to be cared for at the parlor. The last ten minutes shows the deaths of all the main characters in the future. On the DVD, the writers and producers even wrote obituaries for them.