Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Pick Me Up

Ian and I went to see "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" today at TTC.  We decided to walk there, since the temperature was above freezing.  I had forgotten how much I like walking.  I really enjoy the act of getting somewhere.  It's always less hurried when you give yourself time to walk and it gives Ian and I a chance to really enjoy some time together.  So often at home we're glued to our computers or watching downloaded t.v. and movies.

The movie itself wasn't all that great.  But, Ian and I had a fantastic time watching it.  The movie begins in New York, which Ian and I can hardly relate to, but the majority of the film takes place in small town Wyoming.  It's a pretty typical fish out of water story.  A recently separated couple (Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker) are moved to Wyoming after witnessing a murder.  The plot was predictable and pretty boring, but the shots of rural American life were amazing.  Strangely, this movie satiated some of our homesickness more than Twilight did, which is filmed in the PNW.  I suppose there's one easy answer for why that might be.

Sam Elliott.

Sam Elliott is known for deep and charismatic voice, but Ian and I know him as something else.  His usual on screen persona (let's be honest, the man's characters are never too different) is a perfect slight exaggeration of my stepfather, Bruce.

I promise you, we are not making fun.  Bruce is the real life culmination of all the wonderful things about Sam Elliott's characters.  For example, he's really good at putting you to work and convincing you that you like it; he doesn't say much, but what he does have to say can pack a wallup; and he exists mainly in Wranglers and button downs.

Bruce is literally one of the last cowboys in the U.S.  I don't mean that he's one of the last horsemen, there are may of those out there.  But, Bruce is a walking, talking example of the myth that was quintessential manhood:  honest to the point of frankness, bullheaded at times, kind to everyone who deserves it, and calm and trustworthy in a tough situation.

In short, Sam Elliott's Clay Wheeler in "Did You Hear About the Morgans" made the movie completely worthwhile for us because it gave us a little taste of home.

Good night!

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  1. That is so funny, because more than one person I know says that Bruce reminds them of Sam Elliot. Glad you guys got out to see a movie, I actually would like to see this movie myself, just because I like movies with horses and cowboys. I will share this with Bruce , He will think it is great!