Monday, January 11, 2010

7 months and 3 weeks

That's when we're free to go.  Work is fine and Ian and I have a good routine going.  We even joined the gym to get out of the cold.  I'm not any more homesick than usual.  But, I'm finding myself fixating on our time line a lot lately.  Maybe it's because we are approaching the six month mark.  I can't wait for the day when the time we've been here starts being longer than our time to go.

Mom is coming to visit in about 3.5 months.  I'm so excited.  It seems that Justin is thinking of coming at the end of March.  It will be so great to have little pieces of home.  We have a lot to share.

Ian and I got our memberships to the gym, Click Health Zone, this morning.  It was quite nice.  The man who owns the place was so nice to us and he helped us with everything.  They have everything we need there: treadmills, weight machines, free weights, and even jiggle machines.  The Koreans seem to really like those crazy things.  The building doesn't seem to have real heating, so they just have space heaters every 20 feet or so.  It's a little cooler than I'd ideally like, but it beats the freezing wasteland outside.  Not many people run on the treadmills.  People here seem to prefer walking and most of them don't even speed walk.  Ian and I ran and then did some strength training.  It felt really good to not be miserable during a workout.  Our memberships are for three months (it was roughly $40/person a month), so we'll decide in April whether we're going back outside or not.

Today was pretty normal at work.  The classes have been light (about 50-60% of my students show up on average) because the kids are on winter vacation from regular school.  I wish I had the entirety of January off.

We're starting to reconsider our February trip to China.  Three days is probably not long enough to get there, enjoy ourselves and get back for work.  We'll be able to hit China when we're making our way west when our contract is up, so not going next month wouldn't be a total loss.  We might go somewhere more local instead, maybe Jeju Island or Busan.  It'll be near Ian's birthday, so it's ultimately his choice.

Here are some photos from yesteray's adventures with Ben and Amy.

Have some Special K!

Ian's bigger than me.  Just kidding.  His box is normal.

Epic Jenga.  We all look nervous in our own ways.


The boys cheated and used Amy's tower to make theirs taller.

That's about it for today, folks.  Good night!


  1. They do love things big there, don't they!

  2. Yeah, but you don't get a deal for buying in bulk. It sucks!

  3. good pics of our Jenga game it was definitely epic, the boys were just pure jealous of my amazing tower ; )