Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warming Up and Other Random Tuesday Musings

It's about 40 degrees (F) outside ride now.  It's a welcome change from the single digits.  It's a bit misty outside and Google says it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I'll take rain over freezing weather or snow any day.  Though, rain will turn the leftover slush and ice in the streets into mud, 80% of which will inevitably end up in my classroom.

Tuesdays are odd for me.  I don't have class until 3:30 (instead of 2:30), so after Ian leaves I still have over an hour to hang out.  The past two weeks, I've had the chance to talk to Mom during this time, so it's nice.  The walk over to the Sinbaek campus takes less than ten minutes, so I tend to procrastinate getting out the door.  It doesn't matter, though.  The only day that we need prep time for is Monday.  Today I finished my copying and such in 7 minutes, which left me with about 35 minutes to sit around.  Our mandatory hour of prep time almost always feels like a waste, but on Tuesdays it's exaggerated.

Ian's Basic 1 students got the ball stuck in the strange space where the lights are inset under the ceiling while they were playing a game.  Only his students could manage that.  He had a tall student in the next class stand on the table to get it.  The student didn't really understand Ian, so he had no idea what he was doing until he got up there and found the ball.  Ian said the kid was astonished.  Later, Ian watched YouTube videos with his Essential 4 class because they didn't feel like doing much else.  I wish one of my classes was competent enough to have a discussion about a video.  He did find one pretty interesting Big Bang (K-Pop) video.  If you thought white Americans had cornered the market on stealing from black culture, think again.

That background hook line isn't even a trumpet.  Nice.

I let my hair be it's crazy, curly self today to see how this cut does with it.

I like it.  Though, I may need a straightener to tame my bangs.

Good night!

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  1. CUTE HAIR!!! that vid is hilarious!!!they cussing with a korean accent and thinking their so bad, seriously??! how funny!