Monday, January 11, 2010

Day Off

Ian and I didn't wake up until about 11 this morning and we didn't manage to get up and out until about 4pm.  It was a nice way to spend my day off, just relaxing and goofing.

We met Ben and Amy at the theater at 5 because we thought that The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was still playing. It is, but the only showtimes are 10am and 12:10pm.  Very strange.  So, we went to dinner and then to Emart to wander around and to get ice cream.  Ian and I got a new clock because our flip clock was busted.  The Emart Baskin Robbins didn't have the ice cream fondue we all wanted to try (even though it was on their menu), so we settled for regular old ice cream.  We came back to our apartment to play a game and download the movie.  We played a few epic games of Jenga (there are photos, but they'll have to be posted later), but the downloads didn't work.  So, we watched (500) Days of Summer instead.

It was a great time and I'll probably post the pictures tomorrow.  We are off to bed, since we are getting up at 6.  We have to do our lesson plans and then we are off to the gym to get memberships and workout.  Good night!

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