Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Little Christmas Leftover

We pulled ourselves out of bed a little earlier than we would have liked this morning to run to the post office and the bank.  Just as we were about to leave, the deliveryman rang our doorbell and gave us the package we were planning to retrieve.

Thanks Mom!  The comics calendar is great!

Thanks Al and Kat!  The action figure is rescuing Santa on top of our t.v. and Ian's stoked about the Secret Origins book.

My day was great.  It actually felt good to be back in the routine.  I hope that feeling lasts.  Though, my happy day may have something to do with my accidental double dosage of cold medicine this morning.  It wasn't actually double the dose, I just took two doses too close to each other because I miscalculated the time.  But, it put me in a really good mood.

Ian and I are trying to figure out whether we're actually invited to a company dinner tomorrow night.  Gene told us about it, but it's at 7 (we're not finished until 8:30).  They've excluded us from several dinners before, so it wouldn't be new.  Gene seems to think we're invited, but no one else has invited us and when Ian's principle was talking to him about it today, she was uncomfortable and she didn't say much.  So, we'll see.  I can't wait to actually be included in a work environment when we get home.  It's bad to count the days so early, but we do.

When I came home I noticed that our Spidey-Santa isn't fairing so well.

Gruesome!  It's okay.  The adhesive just gave out.  He's being put away this weekend anyway.

Good night!


  1. Oh no Mr. Santa!

    Hopefully your cold med is void of Ephedrine. Sorry I gave you my metabalism for such things.
    Hopefully you guys are included in the party. Are you the only expats that work for this group? I seem to remember you are. Glad Ian liked the calendar. Love you both

  2. YAY for cold meds!!! hahaha I've done that before and its funny, it does make you feel all warm and happy and hey its not all bad. bummed to hear you have a make-up day of school thats just stupid, Ben was shocked. you need to ditch your schools and come over to ours ;) we're STILL waiting to get our Christmas boxes, not sure why its taken 3 weeks now but i think it might have gotten held up w/ all the snow or something but its killing me! Christmas is long gone and my birthday approaches so now they are getting clumped together, oh well. glad to hear your on the up and up!