Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highlights from Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland

General Consensus:  It's a nice park and it's very interesting because it's an inexact replica of Disneyland California.  If you're only going to make it to one park in Tokyo, this is not it.  It's ridiculously crowded and it takes so long to do anything that it takes away from the experience; plus, there's very little that's truly new and original to Tokyo Disneyland.

Best 'Moment': We were pulled out of line for Space Mountain so that the cast members could be sure that Ian could use the safety bar (Space Mountain is the park's narrowest ride).  They took us through the exit to the back rooms of the ride and had Ian sit in a dead car.  He fit fine and I couldn't resist putting my hands in the air and saying, "Yattah!" (it's a Japanese expression that is close to "I did it/yay!").  The two cast members did it, too.  They made an experience that could have been terrible and made it fun and relaxed.  It was one of the most bizarre things that has ever happened to us.

Worst 'Moment:' The two and a half hour wait for Space Mountain (that's with the shortcut the cast members gave us toward the end since we were originally pulled out of line).  The last half hour felt like a mental breakdown.  I feel lucky that the California park is so close to home and so much more mellow than this one.

Favorite pictures:

The line to get in 30 minutes after opening.

It's alive and well in Tokyo.  Granted, two thirds of it is in Japanese.

The Holiday Jack's Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) Haunted Mansion was really cool.

My Disney ears winter hat.  It's ridiculously warm.  And just ridiculous!

Tokyo DisneySea

General Consensus: This park is supposed to be a trip around the world via ports, harbors and bays.  It's pretty amazing and worth seeing.  It's more for adults and the rides reflect that.  But, be prepared to wait.  It's not as crowded as Disneyland, but it's still pretty packed.  We expected killer wait times for rides, since we had seen them before, but it's amazing how long people will stand in line for food here.

Best 'Moment:' The initial awe upon walking in.  I mean, this park is impressive and you walk right into the Mediterranean area.  We also successfully ordered a sandwich without meat at the New York Deli restaurant in the American section of the park.  There wasn't even any hassle.

Worst 'Moment:' We've got a tie between the wait times and finding out that the seatbelt for the Tokyo Tower of Terror goes over your shoulder.  Talk about safety precautions.  It reduced the antigravity effect by probably 80%.  But, it was still fun.

Favorite Pictures (mostly the park grounds!):

Looking toward the Arabian section. The real sea air really adds to the affect.


Near 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


Arabian section.

Ariel's Grotto.  It's pretty impressive underground.

What do you think this line is for?  It's not a ride.

Caramel corn!  The little red roof is the cart.  There is also salted, soy sauce and butter chocolate, curry, strawberry, and black pepper.  We tried the caramel, strawberry, soy sauce and butter, and black pepper over our two days.  Black pepper was the best.

Raging Spirits!  It was cool, but the line was long.

Well, I'm completely exhausted.  If you have and Disney questions, let me know.  Also, if you need help planning a trip, we' be more than happy to help.  Good night!


  1. Wonderful photos! I am sitting here with Grant and he has a question. He wants to know if you rode any trains at Disneyland? His favorite photo was the globe. I love your Mickey ears Casey!

    It's strange how much the park resembles the one in California. I guess it makes sense since the visitors there probably want a similar experience, but it would have been interesting if they would have put more of a Japanese spin on it.

    Grant says "oh my gosh, you type so many things" so I should probably wrap this up, haha! Keep having fun in Japan!

  2. Ha! We rode the monorail in Disneyland, but when we went to ride the DisneySea Electric Train, one of the cast members told us the next rain was in 20 minutes and it didn't seem like we could go up on the platform to wait. But, we ride the JR (Japan Rail) everyday. It's the best way to get around. You see so much more then when you're on the subway. :)

  3. Awesome mickey winter hat, hope you wear it outside of the parks!

  4. I'm guessing it's a line to the restrooms?

    Everything looks magical. I'm so thrilled that you're having such a wonderful first married holiday together. I can't wait to hear how you spend New Year's!

    And I also love the Mickey Ear's hat. :)