Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today's meeting was bizarre.  We were about 15 minutes late, which turned out not to matter at all because Montana was in a meeting with Julia.  We came and sat in my classroom and a few minutes later, Montana joined us.  No Julia.  Even though she was on campus she did not show her face at our meeting.

Montana jumped right into giving Ian a rundown of how the classes went on Thursday (the day after we were fired).  Montana covered them at Haso while Ian and I took a day off work to clear our heads and figure out what we were going to do.  I stared out the window while Ian and Montana talked.  The meeting was hardly relevant to me at all.  It reminded me (exactly) of when Gene was working here.  This meeting was basically a carbon copy of every meeting we ever had with Gene, pointless and short.  At one point, Montana sketched a worksheet template suggestion (saying the note was from Julia) for Ian that is literally the graph style template we use for 95% of applicable worksheets.  

There was no mention of the firing.  There was no chastising or correcting.  It was as if we were normal, well liked employees and it made me so angry.  I will never let something like this happen to me again.  I know, now, how to see this kind of shafting coming and I am no longer naive enough to give an employer the benefit of the doubt.  There is too much at stake.

Montana went to close the (20 minute) meeting, but Ian and I stopped him to ask him some questions and clear up our timeline.  He supposed to get back to us with tax information, since he doesn't know much about that.  But, our last day of work is the 21st and we'll have someone (Julia, David or Montana) inspect the apartment on Thursday.  As soon as they see that we've left it in good shape (aside from a couple of burn marks from our gas range which we hope they'll overlook) they'll give us our last check.  Based on the bizarrely kind way they've been treating us this past week, I have a feeling they'll say the apartment is up to snuff.  After all, they've already got what they wanted, they're already saving themselves $6,000.   With check in hand, we'll be off to the bank to send the last of our money to our Chase account, change some currency and close our Korean accounts.  That will be a good day indeed.

Good night!

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