Thursday, June 17, 2010

Korea Fighting!

Well, Korea put up a fight, but their defense was no match for Argentina's offensive onslaught.

But, Ian and I enjoyed the game, mostly because of our company.  We were invited to watch the game over at the Sinback campus with a few of the other Yoon's teachers. Ian got a ride with David, the Korean teacher who took Eun wha's position.  I met them after work.

I don't have any pictures because I didn't want to waste time to go home and grab the camera before I went to the Sinback campus.  I didn't get off work until 8:40, so I missed most of the first half anyway.  At Sinback, they had taken out all the desks in Ian's classroom and spread cardboard on the ground, where we sat in front of the large t.v.  They had beer, soda, fried chicken, pork and all sorts of snack food (including red grapes, which I was really excited about).  I picked up bibimbap for Ian and I, since there wasn't anything substantial enough for us to call dinner.

It was a really good time, as our coworkers turned out to be very vocal fans.

The last ten minutes or so of the game were pretty terrible, with Korea's defeat already obvious (it was 4:1).  I hope we can get together with everyone for the next game, which is on Wednesday.  USA plays Slovenia tomorrow.  You can only watch it stateside if you have ESPN, which is really too bad.  We're pretty behind when it comes to the world's sport.

Good night!


  1. I've been able to stream most of the games from You have to search for the games but there are usually a couple of links to the games.
    If you can weed through the Korean, here is the link that the director of my hagwon gave me:
    All of the games there are in HD and work really well. I don't always use it because sometimes I want to hear English commentary, but these are suggestions if you don't want to miss the games :)

  2. I am always happy to hear about your get togethers with other people, especially co-workers. I am glad you had a great time.

  3. Mom- It was really fun. I'm hoping we do it again, so that we can bring some goodies to share.

    Lisa- Thanks for the info, but we usually just watch the games on cable. The Korean commentary doesn't really bother us, since soccer is very straight forward. I might, however, use that link for the next US game. :)