Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Fabulous Picnic

Well, the picnic turned out to be just the four of us; but it was so much fun.  We went to Semyung University and the weather was a little on the hot side, but great nonetheless.

I actually remembered to take a picture of the food!  We had onigiri, fruit, veggies, banana bread, and some crunchy snacks and sweets.

Ben is like a Coke ad.

The SMU grounds are beautiful.  Artificial, but beautiful.

The boys being boys.

I suppose "the girls being girls" would be accurate for this picture.

Pretty irises.

 Ian and Ben had a rock skipping competition.

Then they challenged each other to cross the waterfall.  Ian tripped and nearly went over.

Luckily, this was the only injury.

Later, they tried to play badminton.

But, it didn't really work out because this kept happening.

Japanese Maple.


We spent all day just hanging out, talking and goofing off.  We didn't pack, book for our trip or accomplish anything that we thought we might; but, we had such a good time that it didn't matter.

Good night!

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful time. The sunshine looked great, wish we would get some, they are talking flooding here, crazy! You don't look pale at all. You would have to glow to accomplish that, and you don't.