Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dinner and a Show

Ben and Amy came over for dinner last night.  We made stuffed pepper, spicy sweet potatoes and glazed steamed carrots.  Amy brought pa jun (veggie pancakes) and peanut butter cookies.  We stuffed ourselves.  Then we stuffed ourselves again with popcorn and mini snickers while we watched Lovely Bones.  

Just as the movie ended, around midnight, a thunderstorm picked up outside.  It was really active with high lightening and thunder every few seconds.  So, being the silly people that we are, we ran outside to get a better view.  We ended up underneath the covered entrance to Sinback elementary.  We watched the storm and talked for another three and a half hours.  We didn't get in until after 4am, which is why this post is late.  My apologies.

There aren't any pictures because we were having too much fun.  I promise I'll get better at getting photographic evidence of such events.

Ben and Amy are considering Portland for when they return to the states.  Ian and I couldn't be more excited about that.  We try not to be pushy (well, I try, Ian's pretty open with his peer pressure), but it would be fabulous to have them there.  I think they would fit very well with the other great people who already live in that area.

We're currently doing more research on the labor laws in Korea.  So far, we've discovered that if Julia does fire us or threaten to, we must walk a very fine line.  If we tell her outright that we will go to the Labor Board, it could be taken as a threat and (because of archaic libel and other laws here) she could have a civil case against us.  So, we have to inform her that we know what we are owed without alarming her or coming out and saying what we will do.  Stay tuned.

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  1. ah, I do love thunder storms. Here's to hoping there is not one Monday morning.

    I am so thrilled you both are arming yourselves with knowledge and knowing what your rights are. you will do great, you are a good at making a point without making putting the opposition on defense.

    You should email Asia again , just in case she did not get the first one.