Sunday, June 27, 2010


(Said "Daehan-Minguk!!) That's the chant for Korea's World Cup team.  Actually, it's just "Republic of Korea" in Korean.  We had a good time last night, but Korea lost 2:1.  They pushed for it at the end, but it was too little too late.  Uruguay's defense was like a wall.

We didn't have the best view, but most of the bars were so packed that we were lucky to get seats at all.

Bar snacks.  This particular bar served pupa as one of their snacks.

Amy was brave and actually tried them.  Throughout the night different people tried their hand at stomaching the infamous street food.

Though they were a fun challenge for those brave enough, they remained largely rejected compared to the other snacks.  I didn't eat anything from that tray as it was all a little too close to the critters for comfort.


  1. I still remember the horrid smell coming from the street vendors selling pupa. I can't imagine anyone liking them, but they are huge there. Also in Cambodia. all I have to say is Yuck! Glad you had a awesome time