Friday, June 4, 2010

2 for 1

Ian and I went to Goam today for our first day of work on the same campus.  They have us teaching classes back to back.  Here's what Friday's schedule looks like:

2:45- Beginner 2 (Casey)
3:30- Beginner 1 (Casey)/ Beginner 2 (Ian)
4:15- Basic 1 (Casey)/ Beginner 1 (Ian)
5:00- Essential 2 (Casey)/ Basic 1 (Ian)
5:45- Essential 1 (Casey)/ Essential 2 (Ian)
6:30- Essential 3 (Casey)/ Essential 1 (Ian)
7:15- Leaders (Casey)/ Essential 3 (Ian)

Basically, I taught a class and then Ian taught the same class.  During the rest of the week, we use the same materials (one class period = one book unit), so today's method required a little stretching and creativity.  I taught half of a unit and then Ian reinforced my lesson and closed the unit (essentially, because we're using exactly the same materials) Ian and I share the job of one person on Fridays. They had us rotating classrooms, so the day was more tiring than usual.  I also taught seven classes in a row today, which is something I've never done before.  

I had told Julia that I didn't have material for the Fluent class at about 2:30, but she didn't bother to give me anything for them until 7:13, literally two minutes before class started.  I hope they decide on something concrete for that class because they're good kids (and their English is very good) and they deserve a good shot at practicing it.

Even though Ian and I hardly saw each other, it was nice being together.  Each time we saw each other in passing, it was a short mental break from the busy day.  The students were very happy to have their playmate back.

At the end of the day, Sue handed Ian a piece of paper with Korean on it and told him there was a foreigners' meeting at City Hall on Monday.  Ian asked if it is just Yoon's, and she said that it is for the whole of Jecheon.  When Ian told me about this, I remembered something that I had seen on the Facebook page of another foreign teacher here.  She had been disappointed because she found out that her summons to City Hall was for a sex education workshop.  I showed Ian the post and then later asked Sue to confirm.  Yes, all (or nearly) of the foreigners must attend a sex education lesson at City Hall at 10:30 on Monday morning.  No, we do not teach sex ed.  This lesson is intended for us.  Considering sex ed starts in elementary school in the states, I think I'm right in assuming that most of the "students" will be better and more accurately educated in this particular area than the "teachers."  It should make for a very good blog post.

We've got to get up bright and early tomorrow morning, as Chun wha will be here at 8 to take us to Andong.  By the way, Andong is the folk culture capital of Korea.  If you click here, it will take you to the Wikipedia page.

Good night!


  1. Oh my goodness ... this culture continues to shock me. I hope I interpreted this correctly. Do they really expect foreigners to take a class on sex ed? I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the experience. Just how many days left???

  2. Sex Ed? Seriously. Now I have heard it all. What is the rational behind this I wonder. Can't wait to see the blog. wish you could take your video camera. Bet there might be some good Engrish! Hope you take lots of photos with Chun wah today.

  3. Maybe this is the equivalent of the US practice of sexual harrassment classes for all workers. This happens in lots and lots of companies & govt jobs. Of course, it's a waste of time, but mandated by lawyers.

    BTW, don't forget about the big brouhaha over the American kids in Italy who got sent up for murder allegedly taking place during their sexual exploits, so the Koreans might be a bit apprehensive.

    ...Or the repeated dustups over Americans allegedly raping Okinawans in... Okinawa, not very far away.

  4. I never thought of that Peter. It very well could be sexual harassment classes. I had to go through them when I worked for a company in Phoenix. They were sued for sexual harassment so all of the rest of us had to endure. They were really ridiculous.