Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Same Same

"Same same" is Konglish for anything that is, for lack of a better term, the same.  Students use it for people who look alike, similar things and ideas and anything that matches.

In Korea, it's popular for couples to dress to match each other.  So popular, in fact, that stores sell pairs of entire outfits dedicated to the past time.  Lingerie shops sell his and her underwear and pajama sets.  We saw a lot of it on Jeju-do when we went with Mom.  A very large percentage of Korean newlyweds honeymoon on Jeju and the spirit of dressing to match was definitely in the air.

So, when the two boys in my last class today showed up in matching outfits, I had to take their picture.

They're brothers and their mom put them in matching outfits.  But, the boys (Mattew and Eric, respectively, and no, that's not a typo) seem to be in on the joke.  I said, "Your clothes!" to Mattew and he replied, "Yes, couple.  HA HA HA! It's funny!"  Indeed it was.

I really like these two boys.  There was a very strange little girl in the class named Cathy, but I think she switched to a different class, so it's just the three of us on Tuesday evenings.

I didn't see much of Julia today.  She had a meeting with Rahee last night and, since then, she's been gunning for her.  Julia is sitting in all of Rahee's classes and generally making her life terrible.  She told me that in the meeting Julia told Rahee that classes have been very bad, but she didn't bring her in for a meeting until now because it causes her (Julia) too much stress to deal with her.  Talking with Rahee reminds me that I'm very thankful that Julia and I are not fluent in the same language.  Rahee is trying to decide whether it's better to stick out her contract and fulfill her responsibility or to preserve her self worth and quit now.

Good night!

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  1. Same same, that is too funny. I so remember seeing that Practice in Korea and cracked up each time. While I was on the flight home I sat next to two Koreans (a young married couple, I think) They had matching neck pillows, both pink kitties if I remember correct. I took video, I will post it soon, I made the comment "matchie matchie" and I should have said "same".

    Julia just makes everyone who works under her miserable . If you can just become numb to it you will be better off. I know easier said than done. Apparently that curse I put on her is not working!