Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar

Today was one of the most difficult days at work I've had in a long time.  My students were fine, I just had absolutely no motivation to be there.  It got better as the day wore on, which is good because when my first class began I was considering just sitting there and letting my students read or something.

I'd love to walk out on Yoon's now.  Leaving them without wanamines (foreign teachers) would leave them in financial and legal limbo.  But, if we quit now we'd lose July's paycheck and likely June's.

I've done a little more research on "Unfair Dismissals" and it isn't looking good.  Because Yoon's gave us a letter of warning two months ago, it would be nearly impossible for us to prove our side of things.  It doesn't really matter that Ian and I worked hard to do well by them or that their complaints are mostly ridiculous, the company followed proper procedure and are therefore in the clear.  I feel ridiculous in saying so, but I'm certain they planned their moves from that point on very carefully.  I wrote up a report on a major ESL Blacklist site and I will contribute to other sites' lists as well.  For now, it seems that's the best we can do.

By the way, Julia was at Goam today.  She completely ignored us and didn't even make eye contact.  I'd like to confront her, but the possible consequences (financial and legal) aren't worth it.

The good news is that we'll have about a $1000 refund from our Korean taxes coming back at us.  I want to get it before we leave, but it might be easier to apply from the states.

We booked our flight home last night.  Instead of flying directly from Munich on the 26th, we're flying from Prague (an easy train ride away) on the 27th.  It's saving us $850.  We will arrive at SEATAC at 7:53pm on Friday, August 27th.  Who's picking us up?  Do know that whomever gathers us from the airport thereby agrees to take us to Denny's (Ian stipulates that it's the Aberdeen Denny's or bust, but I have no preference).

This is a much needed weekend, indeed.

Good night!


  1. I have no doubt she started planning this when you asked if you were going to stay on for another year and you said no, that is when things started really getting bad for you guys there. I so wish there were some sort of recourse for you two. Are you going to write a letter to the American Embassy too? I thought I remembered you saying there was information there that red flagged Korea for those considering working there. You also said you put emails to all your contacts there in Korea about Yoon's, warning anyone thinking about applying for a job there. I also hope you still plan to write a letter to Julia when you have your money in your hand. On some level that will be therapy for you.

    I will pick you up from the airport on August 27th if that is ok with you. I will take you to Denny's or wherever you wish. I might even pay. It will be good to see you

  2. Oh, too bad you booked your flights already. Dominic wanted me to invite you to Chicago for a day or two, since OHare is where many layovers happen.

  3. Thanks Mom! I look forward to that pick up. :)

    Chelsea, ironically, we will be in the OHare, but only for two hours. That's probably not enough time for anything, unfortunately. :(