Thursday, July 1, 2010


This will be brief, as I am absolutely exhausted.  

Chun wha invited us out with the teachers from Haso tonight.  We briefly walked around Uirimji and then headed to a hof (tavern/ bar) for dinner and a couple of beers.  It was amazing to relax and hang out with coworkers.  I will sincerely miss them when we leave.  We even talked a little about our firing and found that most of the other teachers feel the same way we do.  David (the teacher who replaced Eun wha at Haso) told us that he worked one day at Goam and quit because it was too stressful and he didn't like the students or the boss.  I think Yoon's may find it even more difficult to hire and keep employees on its next round.

Chun wha and Chang su have invited us to the East Sea (or a trip somewhere else if they decide another place is better) on the 17th.  I'm excited.

Good night!

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  1. remind me who David is. He is the one living with Montana, right? So he no longer works for Yoon's. Wow, I see them going down in flames.

    I am so glad that you got together with your co-workers, Julia was not able to accomplish the divide and conquer , though she gave it her best. The east sea, I should have taken a day trip there while I was in Korea. I hope your relationship with Chun Wha and Chang Su continues even after you leave Korea. They are great people! Tell them hello for me