Friday, June 11, 2010


Ian made this fabulous polenta casserole last night.  It was adapted (Asian-ized a bit due to our ingredient selection) from this recipe I found on FoodGawker.

If you're disinclined to follow the link, it's a polenta base with sauteed veggies, marinara sauce and a little cheese on top.  Since Korea doesn't have much in the way of decent dairy products, we eat mostly vegan (and incredibly simply) here.  So, this casserole was quite rich to our taste buds, but in a good way. 

We're getting pretty bored with our food choices, so you're likely to see more interesting dishes here.

Today was an interesting and tiring day.  As I've mentioned, I have seven classes in a row (with five minutes between each one) on Fridays.  Julia came in and sat in my sixth class.  Without warning or explanation, she took over my class (in Korean) for fifteen full minutes.  Though it never feels great to have the rug pulled from under you, as long as she's not explicitly debasing me I'm likely to simply sit by.  Her phone rang four times during her fifteen minute reign and she answered it each time.  I want to find a lake in which to deposit it.

I randomly met two talented English speakers today. The first was a woman at the gym who asked me some simple questions about where I worked and so on.  The second was the clerk at Buy the Way when Ian and I were buying our movie snacks (we saw The A-Team tonight).  She lived in Australia for a year, but never took a formal class.  She held an extremely vernacular conversation with us and even took down my number to find a "Korea Fighting" t-shirt.  Julia lived in Australia for four years, took formal classes and can hardly string a sentence together.  I believe that's proof that self importance and language study don't mix.

Good night!


  1. "Korea Fighting" t-shirt? She wants one or you want one, and what does it mean.

    It is cool you are meeting different people.

    The polenta casserole looks amazingly good. Ian I bow to you!. Looks like it had mushrooms and other great veggies.

    And Julia, oh Julia, you are a piece of work indeed!

  2. The "Korea Fighting" shirt is for the World Cup (Korea's team is the Reds). I want one.