Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some Midday Humor

My mom wanted me to post a couple of her favorite Christmas songs, so I thought I'd do that.  I also have a funny video to share with you.  This means that tonight's post will be my 100th.  What do you think I should do for it?

Korean Toddler Singing "Hey Jude" (in the beginning he says "Hello, thank you.")

Mom's Favorite #1 Robert Earl Keene's "Merry Christmas from the Family"

Mom's favorite #2 Dar Williams "The Christians and the Pagans"

I also forgot a couple of interesting things from yesterday's meeting.  Ian uses the word "babo" (means foolish) in class sometimes to get a rise out of his students and he also pushes it as a replacement for the f word that our students love to throw around.  I use it sometimes, too, but not as often as Ian does.  Well, yesterday Julia told us that we can't use that word because we're foreigners.  That's right, white people can't possible understand the cultural implications of calling someone a fool.  Also, Julia seems to think I call Ian all the time during the day because I was on the phone with him once when Chun wha wanted to talk to me.  She said that I shouldn't call him (he obviously never calls me) because he needs a break and to rest his voice.  Right, I think my husband and I will talk whenever we want.

Don't forget to let me know what I should do for the 100th post!

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