Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Bit of Christmas Joy and Tradition via Mail

The Christmas package came from Mom today (well, one of them did, we're still awaiting the envelope).  I didn't know if things were wrapped inside, so I emailed her and waited for confirmation.

The package waited for us while we were at work, as one would expect an inanimate object to do (I got the emailed "go-ahead" from Mom between two of my classes).  Actually, it was on the Christmas table, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I excitedly put it on the bed to open it.

Ian told me to go ahead and open it before he got home, since he figured it was mostly wrapped presents that he would see later.  So, I grabbed some scissors and went to town.

The loot.  Nine presents, two Christmas LifeSaver Books (a tradition!), and Ghiradelli squares (also a tradition, though we eat them all through the season).  One of Ian's gifts had a hole in the wrapping paper, so I took a peek and then taped it up, so he couldn't see.  One of mine also had a small hole, but I was able to tape it without accidentally seeing.  I do not like to peek at or guess about my gifts.  The surprise is important to me.  But, I wanted to know about Ian's.  A little backwards, I guess.

Now our Christmas table is very full and it is obvious how spoiled we are.

Here is another of my favorite Christmas songs:

Good night!


  1. I admire your self control. The package from my mother came on Saturday and I had enough control to leave one for Christmas. I would have saved more, but Dominic egged me on... Or at least that is what I tell myself.

  2. Hope the envelope gets there soon. It has one of Ian's gifts in it and the gift from Alton to Ian.

    Oh the Bare Naked Ladies! love them

  3. Chelsea- It's not self control, it's complete and utter neurosis. I'm a freak about traditions and following the rules of Christmas (though, I hope it's in a fun way...?). Plus, we really need something to bring us joy on Christmas, it will be a lonely day.

    Mom- I'm sure the envelope will get here today or tomorrow. I figured it had Ian's gifts in it, as we were uneven. :) Though, I did gloat a little.

  4. awww how fun! We're awaiting our boxes too! Sadly I don't think they area going to make it in time. My parents sent a box with an exchange student that will be getting here the 25th so who knows when it will finally get in our possession. Even though its only been 3 weeks now i'm still VERY excited to get some mail from home, it always makes you feel better!