Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Relaxing Friday Night

Forgive this super short post, but it's 4:30am and I'll make up for it tomorrow.  After work we went over to Ben and Amy's.  We had bibimbop for dinner at a place near by their apartment.  The waitress ignored us for fifteen minutes hoping we would go away, but she eventually came and took our order when we didn't.  They live in the same building as one of Ian's campuses, so that's pretty cool.  Mostly we just hung out and chatted (and we watched bits and pieces of "The Devil's Advocate" starring Keanu Reeves with a Southern accent).  It was really refreshing to just relax with people, since we spend a lot of time putting on a happy face around the job. 

Tomorrow we are seeing Avatar with Ben and Amy.  There's more to say about work and the world in general, but I'm going to catch some shut eye.  I'll talk more about today in tomorrow's post.

Good night!

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