Monday, December 21, 2009

이마트 열려!

Translation:  E-Mart is open!

After our brief meeting this morning (no Julia = more free time) we ran over to E-Mart to catch the grand opening.  It was pretty intense.  Cars were parked the equivalent of a few blocks away (even though there are two parking lots), there was a traffic director specifically for traffic into E-Mart, music was thundering clear to our apartment and giant balloons with signs invited shoppers to come get great deals.

You can see the cars parked along the bridge where the banners are.

Traffic director.

Ian dodging traffic and other pedestrians across the street.

It was a Black Friday level of chaos.  It looked like this (or worse) from every direction.  This was at about noon, but it was nearly as packed at 9pm, an hour before closing, when we came back to do some actual grocery shopping.

Orange juice and beer, equals in the Korean marketplace.

Candy type cheese, great for every occasion!  I think they're cheese curds.

M&Ms!  At a semi-affordable price!  You better believe we bought some.

We also got spices and other imported goods (though we forgot the hamburger buns we were so excited about), so it was a bit of a pricey venture. It's completely worth it, though, as now our food can have a variety of flavors.

Well, it's about time for Six Feet Under and M&Ms.  Good night!


  1. How are you liking six feet under?

    Did E-Mart have hamburger buns?

  2. We like Six Feet Under, but it's been slow taking off (we started from the pilot). E-Mart does have hamburger buns! We saw them in the morning, but forgot to pick them up when we went shopping at night.