Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun Lessons

Today I didn't start classes until 3:30.  No one has told me whether this means that I can wait until 2:30 (instead of 1:30) to show up, so I got there at 1:45.  No one seemed to care,  I was going to use my extra time to print and fill out loan forebearance applications, but I actually needed all that time to prepare for classes.  Mondays and Tuesdays always take more time because it's our first few times through the week's unit.

Our Basic 1 class is doing a unit on "Show and Tell."  In the imaginary world of the book the kids have animals that have human traits, like a cat that can paint and a bug that can sing.  Julia wanted us to make copies of the pictures of these animals and make cards for the students to play with.  But, I had a more entertaining idea.  Cartoons are one thing.  But, what about actual photos?  I thought the kids would get a kick out of that and Gene said that my idea was better because it got the students thinking creatively (something kids here don't get enough of in their education, as it's all multiple choice and test driven).  Luckily, with the popularity of LOLCats and their counterparts made it possible for me to find good pictures online.  The kids used the pictures to make the sentences "This is my ______.  It can ______."  Then they played a memory game where they tried to remember what the other students had, too.  "His/Her _______ can ________."  I'm sure you've seen at least some of these before, but here are the animal picture cards I used in class today.

This is my cat.  It can use the computer (read: surf teh internets[sic]).

This is my dog.  It can drive a car.

This is my iguana.  It can play ping-pong.

This is my cat.  It can play Nintendo DS.

These are my dogs.  They can fly.

This is my rabbit.  It can read a book.

This is my rat/mouse.  It can play the piano.

This is my cat.  It can sing a song.

This particular class was all boys, but they still really enjoyed it.  I think my girls will like it even more.  At the very least, it keeps my day entertaining.  I love the internet.  It's amazing how you can use something so silly or even stupid for educational means.  I hope Gene tells Julia about the extra creative work I've been doing.

Ian had to use the ball (a tool we use to get the young kids to talk to each other, they throw it to each other and ask questions) in his Essential 1 class (11-12 year olds) today.  They wouldn't talk, so he knocked them back down to "What's your name?  My name is ______."  I have a few Essential 1 classes that hardly speak as well.  Maybe it's their age.

Ian and I are having (microwave) baked potatoes and vegetable cream soup for dinner.  It's a good standard American meal after our 비빔밥 and 김밥 last night.  I like Korean food, but in small doses.

Good night!


  1. What a fun lesson plan! I bet the kids were cracking up! That ping-pong playing iguana is awesome! :)

    I hope you enjoy your dinner tonight! Is there any American food you are missing a lot or can you get just about anything you want when you go into Seoul?

  2. We miss veggie burgers! We can get most of the 'ethnic' food we like in Seoul, but the only restaurant veggie burgers we've had (from Loving Hut) we're pretty disappointing. Also, we can't find hamburger buns anywhere, so our homemade ones are always on plain old white bread. Here's hoping E-Mart has burger buns!

  3. same here about the Korean food in small doses. poor Ben had to eat 2 Korean meals today b/c he had an early meeting so korean pizza for lunch and the usual firey fare for dinner. He reeks by the time he gets home so I tell him take a shower before you get near the bed or it will smell like garlic, bleh!

  4. To bad costco there does not carry the black bean burgers and buns. Those are scrumptious.

    Love your lesson plan btw, I bet the kids had a blast with that. Let us know what they did with some of them.