Friday, December 25, 2009

The Firsts Continue

2009 was full of many firsts, but they will surely continue into 2010.  Tonight was our first Christmas Eve as a married couple and away from home.  Going to work wasn't easy today.  To be completely frank, I would have rather stayed home and thrown myself a pity party.  But, I suppose it's good I had to work.  It gave me something to do and everyone's got to keep their chin up and keep moving forward.  Forward motion is crucial to success.

The kids were happy, but difficult to handle today.  They have a three day weekend coming (their actual winter vacation isn't until New Year's) and they were pretty rambunctious and eager to begin.  I gave out candy canes and stickers today, most of the kids were gracious, but a few of the kids were dismissive or altogether rude.  There was one class that was particularly bad.  At the end of class they wanted more candy and they blocked the door when I refused.  I ignored them and they eventually let me pass.  The kids here don't have any boundaries at all;  to oversimplify it, society here is based on fulfilling not only the needs, but the wants of its children.  It's tough to discipline kids when they'll laugh in your face and badmouth you in a language you don't understand.  It's not as if the principles or other teachers are much help.  A playful wag of the finger is the most the kids will get.  You wouldn't want to upset the parents, afterall.

After work we went over to Ben and Amy's.  Ian made dinner (a delicious starch fest of pasta, potatoes and bread) and we talked and watched Elf.  Amy made peanut brittle in the microwave (pretty ingenuous, right?) and it was delicious.  The gave us a cute little gift and a card and we brought them some Belgian chocolates.  It was all very... normal.  It felt great to share the evening with people to whom the holiday is important, too.  We're really glad to have them around.

We're bringing a laptop to Japan, so there will be a few blog posts and we'll be available via email and Facebook. I probably won't post everyday, but I'll share some pictures and stories as they come.  I'll take pictures of our Christmas morning (Ben and Amy told us that they heard a rumor of snow, there's definitely enough humidity) and I'll post them before we leave for Incheon.  There might not be a post for Saturday because it will be a bit of a hectic day.

Well, I'd better get to bed or Santa might pass me by!  Good night!


  1. I hear Santa over your rooftop as I write this.
    HO HO HO. Merry Christmas!