Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning


We had to set an alarm for this morning (quite unusual for me) to make sure we had tons of time to talk to family and open gifts.  Ian was more willing to get out of bed than I was, but we hopped up and got our Christmas morning on at about 7:30 this morning.  Woo!  That's about an hour later than my usual.  We took a lot of pictures, but the camera died right at the end (so the coverage gets progressively less thorough).  We're still waiting on one package (you'll see that Ian appears to be shorted toward the end) that didn't show up with it's friend, but we're trying not to worry about it.

The loot waits!

Ian improvised peppermint hot cocoa, which he dubbed "Christmas Slurry."

We started with the stockings from Rob and Danie.

It's a secret!

Yummy smelling lipgloss!

Wait, what?  Oh!  Coffee!  Smells Delicious!

Jack Skellington Yahtzee?!  Heads will roll, indeed!

Rob, Danie, Grant and Audrey:  Thank you guys so much for all the candy goodies, silly putty (I wish the camera hadn't died so you could see our mustache festival), lipgloss, coffee, and Yahtzee.  We can't wait to play with you guys.  We've never played it, but we read the rules and it sounds great!  Love you!  Merry Christmas!

From Aunt Sherrie!

Fashionable warmth and chai tea!  Thank you!  I miss good chai!  The hat, scarf and glove/ arm warmers are awesome.  It's cold here, so it's nice to have fashionable warm things.  Love you guys!  Merry Christmas!

TBA:  Ian's gift from Alton and Kat.  It's in the package we're awaiting.  We'll be sure to post pictures when it comes.  One of Ian's gifts from Mom and Bruce is in there, too.

From Mom, Bruce and Ava!


Yep!  Calendar!  But, it's not the hippy calendar of tradition.  It's a movie poster calendar!


Great photo of me! What hole did I crawl out of?

Super cute apron!  It has spotted kitties on it.  They're happy.

Awesome scarf!

Purple flannel!  I love it.

Could it be...?

Jeans!  He's so happy.  He really wanted/ needed them.

I'm awesome at photos (ugh!).  Hey, I thought we were out of that wrapping paper.

Chinos!  Great for work and play!

Two left!

Number 1:  Fabulous plaid scarf!

Oops!  Number 2:  Not Pictured, two pairs of gap tights!  One black and one teal.

All Ian's new clothes!

Thank you, Mom, Bruce and Ava.  We didn't bring many clothes here, so it's amazing to have some new ones.  We love them.  Love you guys and Merry Christmas!

We also got a couple 'intangible' gifts that deserve a large amount of thanks, as well.

Thank you, Gramma, for the money for Japan.  It will help us make it a trip to remember.  Love you!  Merry Christmas!  Eat some lefse for us.

Ian's parents (Al and Judy) also gave us some money for our trip, via our Chase account.  When we talked to them this morning they told us to check the account.  Thank you guys so much.  That's an amazing gift and we'll be sure to do something special with it.  Love you all.  Merry Christmas.  It was great to talk to you!

So, it's literally been said many times, many ways in this post, but Merry Christmas to everyone.  We wish you lots of holiday cheer.  Ho Ho Ho!  Santa's headed your way next!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas loot. Ian I hope the other package gets there soon

  2. And there's still a package coming from us. Even though the Chase deposit was your main gift, you still have some goodies on their way.

    But I'm glad you had presents to unwrap.