Sunday, December 6, 2009

Uirimji in Winter

We went out to Uirimji today to take some pictures and walk around a bit.  It was so cold.  I have no idea what the temperature was (we have no outdoor thermometer, we should get one), but we were popsicles.  We stayed out there for under an hour when we called it quick because it was just too cold to enjoy ourselves.  It was really pretty and it will only get prettier as winter gets more bitter.  We'll have to brave the weather again when there's more snow on the ground.

First we walked around the back of the amusement park area.  It was completely abandoned and creepy.  Nothing was locked up, so we took full advantage of that and no one stopped us (not that there was anyone to stop us).

Fun in the abandoned park:

Lonely Christmas tree above a frozen pond.  That's a little house on the pond in the lower right corner.

Ian's new friend/ battle suit.

There was a wood stove near the Tada Disco (the evil ride from hell).  There were still some people in this part of the park.

So, we headed toward the back, where no one was around.  No public or carnie workers.

Ian gets violent with the icicles. 


A better view of the retirees.

Dead Tada Disco.

Nothing was locked up.

Icicle hanging off his tail.

After playing around for a while we went over to the reservoir area:

It's starting to freeze.

We decided to go to Dunkin' since we were super frozen.  This is our first real winter and (for me at least) it's going to be rough.  I hate being cold.

I got a "Scorched Rice" donut.  It was a rice gluten donut covered in peanut frosting and what appears to be bird seed.  It was pretty good.  It tasted like a granola bar.

Love Messenger: Dunkin' Bear Christmas.

Welcome to Korea!

After warming up we went over to Lotte Mart to get some staples (read: Diet Coke).

So, it's not spelled right, but it's still Kimball's Chile Sauce.  Come on.

It was a good day aside from being painfully cold.  We're having Mexican for dinner (we're making veggie burritos with the tortillas we got yesterday), so we're stoked.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  We have a meeting with Julia at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Good night! 


  1. Hey, don't you guys have down jackets with you? Y'know these days most of the good goose down comes from China. Down jackets might be really cheap there... Man, I got cold just looking at those pictures.

  2. I could have a photography field day in that park, but it looks like you already did! Aweseome photos!

    I hope your dinner is good! Good luck with your meeting tomorrow. Maybe you should give Julia the "ass candy" you got at the amusement park yesterday! ;)

  3. It was probably in the teens , I am guessing because of the frozen ponds. I knew your jacket I sent you would not be enough. I think you should break down and buy winter jackets. You will enjoy the outdoors more. Just a little (ok a lot) of motherey (get it) advise.
    The park looks serene, I can't believe that nothing is locked up. I think that says something about the honesty of people there.

  4. We have winter jackets. And scarves. And hats. Our bodies weren't cold (each of us are wearing layers and layers of clothes, I had tights on under my pants). But, our fingers and toes couldn't hack it.

  5. OK, better cold-weather socks and gloves needed. Do you prefer wool or synthetics?

    Ian the Evil Carnie Operator. I would be afraid to ride anything with him at the controls. Very cool pics.

    Good luck with the meeting!