Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 Days in and ready for fun.

This is Ian- Casey could not come to the blog right now because she is getting in the shower for our preparation at Lotte world.  She is mighty excited.  Last night she wanted to post, but was pretty tuckered out, she has been a little under the weather.  But here are some of the things that went down.

We went to go see New Moon and it was pretty much everything that you would expect from a film based on the works of Stephanie Meyer.  Some of the moments were "What the?" we had some "Dear GOD why?" and a little "Are you kidding me?"  But it was a movie and it was in English so all and all it was pretty much awesome.  Getting the chance to watch some good old Hollywood entertainment in Jecheon is much like the thirsty man getting water, even though I would prefer Aquafina, I'll still drink tap.

As far as the classes, they were pretty normal.  I had Julia join me for my first class, which was awesome since she interrupted me about seven times to make her "suggestions."  It was delightful to have someone in my class that undermined what I was saying with such skill, she truly is a master.  But Casey had a rather nice day, save for being sickly.  Later in the day when it was more obvious that she was sick Terry offered to take her class and let her go home early, but Casey insisted she she stay since after all, she was going to a movie with me.

Casey still doesn't feel super, but I know she has been looking forward to Lotte World all week.  So we shall brave the weather and go out for the day.  Wish us luck.


  1. You forgot to say that we are on "Team Jacob" because he is so pretty.

  2. team Jacob? explain please. Hope you feel better

  3. All of the New Moon-ers pick a team of which vampire (or werewolf maybe?) they are on. I hear about which team all the girls pick while subbing at the high school and have yet to pick a side myself. :)

    I hope you feel better soon, Casey! Maybe having some fun time this weekend will help!

  4. I think I'll pass on picking a team myself. :)

    Nice to hear from Ian for a change! Glad you enjoyed a movie and that Julie has such hidden "talents" to make your day sublime. So the movie was a good escape then, eh?

    Hope Casey is feeling better.