Monday, December 7, 2009

Ian's Day from Hell

We started the day with our meeting with Julia which was as fruitful as ever.  She's making our lesson plans for the next few weeks.  I don't know why, since we've now had time to become compitenent in that arena.  This last meeting was her asking us how we were going to run our classes this week and then telling us all the ways we were deficient.  After our meeting we (Gene, Terry, Ian and I) went and had kimbop for lunch.  It was really good.  They used perilla in the rolls, which is something I've never eaten before.  It's a bit minty (but without so much coolness).  I really liked it.  Lunch was good, though conversation was minimal and we were late getting to our campuses which gave me very little time to prepare and Ian none (his classes start ten minutes earlier).

Ian's first class went poorly because he didn't have time to prepare.  Then Gene told Ian that Julia would be teaching his second class (Beginner 2), so Ian had a break while Julia fumbled through the lesson.  Julia came back later that day to watch Gene teach the Essential 4 class she asked him to handle today.  Yep, Gene's responsibilities now include teaching our classes when Julia is bored with us.  So, though Ian's day was terrible, Gene's was worse. He's not a teacher, he's never taught before.  He was nervous and he spent most of the day working through what he was going to do.  Ian said he did well, but the kids were also being introduced to a new book today and the combination of new teacher, new book, and Ian and Julia also sitting in shut them down.  The class' best student also failed to show today.  In the end, Ian only taught four classes today, but Julia held him after to talk more about the lesson plans.  His day was 10:30-8:45 with lots and lots of Julia.

My day was completely average, though a little stressful for lack of proper prep time.

This is what extreme winter blogging looks like.  Isn't the blanket lovely?  Doesn't it match our wallpaper well?  At least it's very warm.

Good night!

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  1. Julia seems to get more bizarre each week. So do Gene and Terry have any pull at all? Do they think Julia's lists of deficiencies have any validity? Or are they now just additional whipping posts for her?

    I'm so sorry a difficult boss is making your whole experience there more stressful and frustrating than it needs to be.

    My blanket is brown. Not real pretty but very warm and soft. :)