Sunday, December 13, 2009

Night and Day

That's how I would describe our Friday night versus our Saturday night.  Last night we went out with several other teachers.  The initial reason for going out (at least for Ian and I) was to meet two teachers new to Jecheon.  Ben and Amy are a married couple who got here about a week ago.  I didn't get to chat with them much due to table positioning, but Ian really hit it off with them.  They seem like our kind of people.  They headed home around 2am (a respectable hour) to get some sleep.  Jeff's girlfriend, Megan (who's here visiting for a month), really wanted to go to the noribang (private karaoke rooms), so we all left Metro around 3:30 to find a noribang that would fit us.  We found one, but were evicted because some of our lovely friends failed to hide the soju they brought in.  But, we found another quickly enough.  There were literally three on the same block.

Ian and I didn't drink much, just some crappy, watery beer, but we were out singing and laughing heartily until 6am.  It was a pretty great time, though Megan missed most of it because she fell asleep.  Oh, irony.  We took some pictures; but it's difficult to get decent ones in those rooms.  So, here are the few acceptible ones.

Shiny!  It was hot in there.

Ian is unsure about Chelsie's song choice (no offense!).

Song choosing (from left to right: Andrew, Jamie, Jeff, Megan, Chelsie, and Chris).

Noribang is serious business (L to R: Albert's friend from Busan, Albert, Matt's girlfriend, Tania, me [ugh, I am terrible at names]).

Albert loves Boys 2 Men.

Tania rocked the tamborine.

Jeff seems dissatisfied with our singing of "Do you want to" by Franz Ferdinand (the noribang lists have a lot of songs you wouldn't expect).

Ian's excellent at singing.

Now for the contrast.  Today, Ian and I woke up at 11 (a fantastic five hours after getting home), went running and cleaned the apartment.  Then we went out for some terrible pizza and a terrible movie, Law abiding citizen, a weak film by a director who is irreconcilably angry at the judicial system and wishes he had power enough to show it.  Unfortunately the film is so tied up in it's message that it forgot about critical plot points, like balancing the power structure of your characters.  But, it was a good day, nonetheless.

Cleaning with noxious chemicals in a poorly ventilated bathroom, fun times to be had!

Have an excellent Saturday.  Good night!


  1. Sounds like good times were had by all.
    Harsh chemicals? You should use vinegar, but at least you had a mask on

  2. A bad movie that I could sleep to is about all I could handle the night after singing all night....if that! Glad you had a good time and met some new friends. Hope the new couple share enough interests to become good friends for you both.