Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm So Ronery, So Ronery and Sadry Arone...

The subject is a reference to Team America: World Police.  In the movie Kim Jong-Il sings a song by that name.

Gene didn't show up today and Terry only came to Ian's last three classes.  I was starting to get used to someone being there to help out in the classroom and talk to during breaks.  So, today was a bit lonely and long.  Hopefully, he'll be back tomorrow.  I'm not even sure why he didn't come today.  We're not exactly privy to even some of the most basic information regarding the day to day happenings of our job.

My last class was a little strange today.  When I went to the classroom at 7:30 no one was there.  So, I picked up my book and sat and read while I waited.  Chun wha called parents.  Just when I was starting to wonder how I'd pass the time until I met Ian at the grocery store, one of my students, Kyle, walked in.  No early dismissal for me.  Chun wha told me that one student would be absent and the other would show up in ten minutes. So, I had Kyle do some book work until Brian was there to be his partner for the interview worksheet I had made.  Working with tiny classes is a lot harder than the full ones because their aren't enough students to really get a conversation going.  But, the class went well nevertheless.

Terry called Ian on not using worksheets like he is supposed to.  He said that I always use them and wondered why Ian doesn't.  Ian said that he is really unorganized and has a hard time planning things like that, while I find it pretty easy.  Terry said that it was probably because I'm a woman.  Oh, Korea.

Today was my last day of nursing my cough.  I'm feeling a lot better; so, we're back to running tomorrow.  It's going to be really cold.  But, we really need to get back into a good rhythm with running.

We're still watching E-Mart for any more signs of life.  None yet, but we'll keep you posted!

Good night!


  1. I love the title, reminds me of the scene in "Christmas Story" when they are at the Chinese restaurant and the waiters and staff are sing to them, I can't remember the song itself but it was a funny scene.
    Good job on using worksheets, one for you, and maybe Julia will take note.

  2. I love worksheets. They allow me to sit and twittle my thumbs during class. I plan to post a video of that scene in a week or so. Ian and I have watched it. It's freaking hilarious, especially when you're in Asia and no one can separate their R's and L's.