Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12 Work Days Until Break (some random thoughts from today)

During my break today I was talking to Gene about our trip to Japan.  Our flight is on the 26th at 12:15pm, so we need to be at the Incheon airport by no later than 10am that morning.  I found out from Gene that the airport is two hours out of Seoul.  Ian and I thought it was closer because there's a metro (rail) line that goes there from Seoul.  We were planning to take the bus to Seoul and then hop the metro to the airport, but the first bus from Jecheon doesn't leave until 6:40.  Our second plan was to stay in Seoul Christmas night and then go to the airport, but that we would be paying for transport to Seoul and then Incheon plus the cost of a hostel.  So, Gene said that we should stay in Cheonju (where he lives) and take the first express bus to Incheon (at 6:40am), which takes about three hours.  The buses to Incheon from Jecheon don't start until 7:30am.  He said he would figure out where we can stay (he said his apartment is small, so it won't be there).  I don't know if he's looking for a hostel for us or if we'll stay with a friend, but I'm glad for the help.  Now if only we could figure out how to reserve our Disney tickets.

My day was pretty average.  A girl from my last class told me that she is going to the states in January to do something with NASA.  She was apparently chosen because she is smart and good at science, but she couldn't tell me why or exactly where she was going.  I Googled for any information and I even searched the NASA website, but I couldn't find anything.  I'm incredibly curious; the girl is about thirteen.

Gene told me that Julia called and said she was coming to observe today, but she never showed up.  She was over at Ian's campus instead, watching his Essential 4 class (her new obsession).  So, his day wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday, but he still had to deal with Julia and have a short meeting with her after classes, so it was long.

E-Mart looks like it's getting ready to open.  All the lights inside the building are on.  Ian and I hypothesized that they are doing employee training tonight.  Maybe it will open tomorrow. We have no idea when it's opening is scheduled, but we anxiously await the new possibilities it represents.

In my post about my favorite Christmas songs, I forgot an important one:

I love that song.  Seriously.

Good night!


  1. I remember the airport only being about an hour outside of Seoul, by bus...

  2. That's still too much time, meaning we wouldn't get to the airport in time if we went from Jecheon.

  3. anymore information on the child going to the US for something with NASA