Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teacher's Day

May is a month of celebrating people in Korea.  The 5th is Children's Day, Parent's Day is the 8th, Teacher's Day is on the 15th and Buddha's Birthday is the 21st this year.

Carnations are the gift of choice for parents and teachers.

One of my students, it was either Jackson or Grant (they get embarrassed and clam up, so they usually just put gifts on my desk), gave me this yesterday.  Apparently his mom made it.  It's pretty rad, the red is all one piece.

Teacher's Day isn't until Saturday, but it seems that some schools are getting a jump on things.  Sinback Elementary had some sort of assembly outside today.

I'm not sure if that's the entire student body or not.  It wouldn't surprise me if it was.  Korea tends to build way beyond what is necessary.

Today was uneventful.  I tried to explain to some of my students that Ian would be taking over next week, but it mostly just confused them.  Tomorrow will be my last day at Haso.  I'm not sure if I'll ever see Chun wha, Chang su or Eun wha again.  Eun wha has been out sick for the past few days, so I haven't seen her in awhile.

Well, tonight is Lost night, so I'm keeping this short.

Good night!


  1. The flower is beautiful, what a wonderful jester. Does Chun Wha and the others know what is happening? I hope you let them know you would like to see them again. That way the door is open for it. Who knows what Julia may have said to them in the past. I would not put it past her to say you and Ian only pretend to like them. I am sorry this is happening to you guys, I know you will do just fine, but it is too bad Julia does not understand this is not the problem or the fix!

    Lost was good.

  2. Well, packing those boxes for the trip home will keep you/your mind busy .... you've obviously done all you can in the "school" dept. in THAT arena....I think once you are home and you have some "distance" from it all both physically and emotionally, you will gain a new perspective and be able to find purposeful good, and gain the wisdom of the experience. In my understanding over the years, this seems to be what life is all about, and the "crummy" times in retrospect HAVE strenghtened (sp) me and after the emotion has passed, instilled me with more fortitude and courage to tackle whatever I've created next in my life I know it sucks for now but believe me, this too shall pass...if you sit quietly or while you are running, you may want to ask yourself "what is the learning for me in all this?" if you are patient the answers WILL come, more often than not, when you least expect it..... It's a wonderful Spring morning here in the Pacific N W, there's a wonderful scent in the air, sort of like apple blossoms with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in. Everything id SOOOO green and lush and "fresh". I'm off up to the Great Wolf Lodge today on the bus - a few miles north of Centralia - my sister is planning a trip over here sometime in the next year with the grandkids, and I think it may be a real treat for them to spend a night or two there - I KNOW they don't have anything like it in the UK. So time to finish my coffee and get dressed and move on with this day.....Love and hugs to you both - keep smiling and don't let thoughts of Julia rob you of your joy or obvious zest for life ...quote: "There is NOONE worth losing the Kingdom of Heaven for," i.e. your life and peace of mind ....just don;

    t give her or the situation any more time or energy, she doesn't deserve it, and enjoy the rest of your visit in Korea, so you can leave on a "happy" note. As you can see I have "spacing" issues ( no comment Ian) so it must be a hint to close.....xox