Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

Today was a very lazy day.  We went to the gym and struggled through our workouts.  It seems two weeks is longer than you might think.  I'm hoping Monday is a little easier.

Then we went to E-Mart and got all our weekly groceries.  Other than that, we accomplished nothing (though our sheets did make it into the wash).  So, tomorrow we'll have to clean the apartment and work on report cards.  When we're finished with that, we'll go to the park and play in the sun.

Tonight's dinner is General Tso's Tofu served over steamed broccoli and brown rice.  I've never had General Tso's Chicken (or tofu), so this will be my first experience with the saucey faux-Chinese dish.  My brother loved Chinese food when I was a kid, and he ordered it often.  For some reason I had an aversion to it, so I would whine and cry.  Now I really like it, but there's not much that a vegetarian can eat.  The sauce packs on some calories, but it doesn't have to be an unhealthy meal.  We indulged a lot when Mom was here, so it feels good to get my eating back on track.


Good night!

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  1. That looks really wonderful. Share the sauce recipe if you will! Good job. I am trying to get back to good eating too. I am having a problem with jet lag. Wanting to sleep till noon. Have a great Sunday!