Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mini-Vacation with Mom in Pictures

It was incredibly hard to say goodbye this morning.  I thought it might be easier than it was before; we'll be apart for less time, and we've been through it before.  But, come this morning, none of that mattered.  All those old feelings, successfully repressed for months now, came rushing back.  Today dragged on.  All the lonely moments far more punctuated, all the silences so much quieter.

One little girl who really hit it off with Mom (she's not my student, so I don't know her name) came up to me and asked for her by name.  She was pretty bummed out to find out she'd left.

I have tons of pictures (from Mom's camera and mine).  So, I thought I'd show you some of my favorites from Mom's camera tonight and then our camera tomorrow.  Of course, there will be some repeats, but I figure it's best to prolong the joy.


Downtown Jecheon:

Beomeosa Temple in Busan:

Jeju-do Island

The boat we thought we were taking.

The boat we actually took.  It was a little scary, but totally awesome and it was just us.

Ylang Ylang plant on the corner in Jeju-si (city).  It smelled very good.

Good night!


  1. Today was hard for me also sweetie, the flight gave me plenty of time to miss you very much. Good choices on photos!

  2. BTW, I don't think that plant is ylang ylang. I think it's jasmine. The leaves and flowers don't look like ylang ylang in wikipedia, but they look exactly like jasmine. Dunno if jasmine grows in the NW, but it's all over the place around here (norcal).