Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today went very smoothly.  I wasn't as nervous or frazzled as yesterday.  My only major problem is adjusting the classes so that they fully conclude in forty minutes.  I'm not leaving the kids enough time to finish their worksheets and tape them in their notebooks.  When these two weeks (and term 3) are finished, Goam students will have books for my classes.  I'm looking forward to that.  It's not difficult to teach the lessons without them, but as the system runs now, it's damn near impossible for me to stay organized.

I'm not as tired today, which is a major plus.  My classroom here is much bigger, so I'm up on my feet and running around more.  I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning and my run suffered.  Ian and I are still trying to get fully back in weight loss mode.  While it's frustrating not to be on track, it's nice to know that our "off" still includes healthy eating choices and exercise everyday.  I remember times in college where I probably consumed twice the calories I do now and just sat around studying or watching t.v.  Then Ian and I would top it off with movie snacks and lots of meals out when he visited on the weekend.  So, though I'm frustrated that I'm not making the progress I'd hoped for, I'm glad that the lifestyle change has stuck.

I heard from Chun wha yesterday that Eun wha was fired.  She had been out sick and spending time with her family during a crisis.  I'm not sure what happened, but my guess is that Julia asked her to come in before she was ready and Eun wha simply couldn't.  I can't help but remember that Chun wha showed up to work in hospital pajamas after her car wreck.

Julia sat in a couple of my classes today.  She didn't say much to me, but she looks happy and Sue says that things are looking up for Yoon's at the moment.  Though she didn't say anything to me, she still managed to disrupt one of my classes.  Three boys sat in a cluster to my left.  I could tell right away that they had attitude problems.  Julia sat next to the alpha.  He spoke out of turn, in both Korean and English.  Teasing the other students and just generally being disrespectful to me and the whole class.  But, instead of helping me discipline him, she seemed to egg him on.  She would hit him and look at him with that "Oh, you..." attitude that is so commonly applied to boys here.  I finally kicked him out of class when he continuously abused the ball game to chuck the ball at girls' heads.  But, Julia was no longer around at that point.

A Korean-American teacher I've never met will be taking over my last class tomorrow; but, I am still responsible for the lesson plan.  I have everything but that particular lesson ready for tomorrow.  I need to talk to Angela about what her students are doing in that class.

I've survived another day in Julia's kingdom.

Good night!


  1. Eun Wah, is she the one who drove us home that one time? She was very sweet, and always running around there. That article you had a link to in a few blog postings ago really brought Eun Wah's situation home. There really is no employee rights in place in Korea. You either live and breath the company you work for or your done. I am glad that you and Chun Wah are communicating. Are you planning to do something with them? I am glad you are getting into the flow of things at the new school. I knew you would. Is Julia still tapping on the desk when the kids are doing the exercise, read along with the teacher? I remember how annoying that was, not to mention that is not how English is spoken. Why is someone teaching your last class? And what do you mean by Korean-American. I know it should be obvious, but you know me.

    Have a great 3 day weekend, and give Buddha a happy Birthday shout out for me. Do you have any plans yet?

  2. Julia hasn't made many appearances in class, so that's good. No tapping so far.

    Julia is having him teach my class as part of an interview. Korean-American means he's an American of Korean descent.

    No plans for the weekend, yet. I don't know that we'll go anywhere. I've got bills to pay and we need to run. I'll be sure to say Happy Birthday to the Buddha up the road for you.