Thursday, May 27, 2010

(Probably) Not Fired

Ian and I have been on a probation of sorts this last month.  Julia told us that our employment after this month would depend on enrollment.  That made us pretty nervous, since we only have a very small amount of control over whether or not kids (or, more realistically, their parents) decide to come to Yoon's next term.

We didn't have a meeting this week.  Of course, that made Ian even more nervous.  He's a chronic worrier.  We have a meeting on Monday, and, since next week begins the new term, we expect Julia to fill us in on her thoughts regarding our performance (and what she thinks it meant for enrollment) this last month.

But, Rahee (the Korean teacher here who lived abroad in Spain and Dublin for awhile and is returning to Europe in August) gave me my schedule for the next term today.  Since it's an official Yoon's document apropos the future with Ian and my names on it, I'm assuming we're not fired.  The head honchos have decided to keep us for our whole contracts.  That's probably smart, since I doubt they can afford to fly someone in right now.  I heard the company is officially having financial trouble.  I just need them to hold on through August.  Then this ship can sink.

My schedule looks pretty close to what it was this term, with one major difference.  Ian will be joining me at Goam on Fridays.  Has Yoon's finally decided to use it's resources wisely?  Of course not.  On Fridays, I will teach a class and then, directly after, Ian will teach the same class.  As to how our materials will relate to each other (exactly the same, building on the same topic, different topics entirely, etc.), I have no idea.  It will be nice to teach at the same campus, even if it is a little ridiculous.

So, that puts Ian at Haso on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sinback on Tuesdays and Goam on Fridays.  Sinback is in walking distance, so the switch won't save us any cab fare.  Darn.

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