Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photos, Part 2

Here are the photos from Ian and my camera.  We are not as artistically talented as Mom, but I thought I'd share nonetheless.

Before we went on our trip, Ian's diploma finally showed up.  It arrived on April 27th.  It was postmarked January 7th.  As you can see, it was sent airmail.  Where did it go for three months?

Busan and Beomeosa Temple:
We stayed in hostels (this is the Blue Backpacker).  I think Mom adjusted to them pretty well, but I'm not sure she'd chose to do it again.

Tiles with prayers/wishes on them at the temple.


I actually caught a stomach bug in Busan.  We stayed in all Saturday night and I stayed behind and slept while Ian and Mom saw the temple.

Jeju-do Island:
Common room of the Island Guesthouse.

Giant spider in the common room on the last morning we were there.

Those statues are called dol hareubangs (or "grandfathers" in casually translated English).  They are thought to offer protection from demons as they travel through "realities."

Cheonjaeyeon Waterfall.  It was too dry to have a fall, but still amazing.

It was very sunny and I am very pale.

Volcanic pillars on Hallasan (Mt. Halla).

Sanbangsan (Mt. Sanbang).

On the jet boat.  Mom was pretty nervous about it at first, but we had an awesome time.  It was just the three of us, too.

Famous Jeju tangerines.

Fishing off the jetty.

Good night!


  1. You guys took great photos. It is so great to look back at all we did. You and Ian were wonderful hosts. That spider was really huge, wonder what kind it was. Glad you got a photo of it. You were being kind when you said I was a little nervous about the jet boat ride. I was terrified at first and a pain in the butt! Great memories !

  2. Actually, I would stay in hostels again, it was a great experience, one I grew more comfortable with each place we stayed. I was just torked at the lack of professionalism at the last one but I got over it. Like you said I don't need to hold on to things, and I really don't want to be that rigid. Thank you both for the most awesome experiences ever!!!!

  3. Random comments...

    Looking at the diploma envelope, I betchya it got stuck in customs, a common problem. I see it was declared as "college diploma", and it's not clear to me that Korean customs is likely to know what that is, so they probably had to do some research to figure out if they need to charge a duty on it. Probably woulda gone through faster if the customs declaration said "documents" and "value: $0.00".

    On the waterfall, it looks like it's made of basaltic hexagonal columns, which is very rare. The only other place I'm aware of like this is Devil's Postpile in Calif, but no waterfall there. (See e.g. ) Probably the family geologists John & Robert could tell you more.

  4. Hmm, looking at the diploma picture more closely, I see the 'documents' box was checked. So, I dunno. Maybe they were still thrown off by the full description. Anyway, I'm sure it sat in customs. I guess the lesson is to use Fedex. (damn expensive, though.)