Monday, May 24, 2010

A Different 100 Celebration

On December 1st last year, I posted for the one hundredth time.  It was a pretty big milestone for me, proving to myself that I could keep up with a writing project even when there were no consequences for not accomplishing it.  Everybody Jecheon Tonight felt a little more legitimate.

Yesterday marked another occasion revolving around the number one hundred.  One hundred days left on our contracts.  We're in the final stretch, folks.  Sixty-five working days left.  Ian doesn't want to book anything for South East Asia until after this month (our month long probation to see if more students are enrolled).  But, Sue has told me that more students are signing up, so I am not worried.  We're keeping an eye on Thailand, however.  Our plans (to spend three days there and then head to Cambodia) may have to change as there has been a lot of violence between the Red Shirt protesters and the military.  Parts of Bangkok are still sectioned off and under a state of emergency.  But, we'll just play it by ear.  Maybe Vietnam then Cambodia, or Laos first.

When our contracts end, we'll spend our thirty days in Europe.  Our itinerary ideas keep changing, but I'll be sure to update you when something's official.


  1. Yes, be wary of Thailand, it may settle down by then, or take a turn for the worse. I know Laos or Vietnam would be good choices. How much time are you spending in SE Asia?

    I am so excited for you, have you decided on what parts or Europe you will be traveling to?

    How many days have you been posting the blog at this point? Only 60 + days of work left, yeah!!

  2. Consider eastern Europe. Not as touristy as western, and allegedly still cheap in most places. No, I've never been there, but I'd like to go.