Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fusion Vegan Ravioli

Ian decided to make ravioli using mandu wrappers tonight.  They were pretty good, but the filling's flavor could use a little work.  I think the broccoli took over.  Spinach might be a better choice for a green veggie.

Ingredients: salt, pepper,basil, oregano, mandu wrappers, sundubu (silken, uncurdled tofu), broccoli, tomatoes, button mushrooms, garlic and onion.  Not pictured: prepared red pasta sauce.

Sundubu is most commonly used for a specific type of jjigae (stew).

We don't have a food processor, so Ian uses a grater to get the correct texture.

Then the mortar and pestle.  It smelled like pico de gallo at this point, but it didn't taste like it.


It's texture is somewhat similar to ricotta.



Then boil for about ten minutes.

Serve with a little red sauce of your choosing and green salad.

Good night!

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  1. I like both your hair cuts, and yes Ian looks so much better with short hair. And his practice mug shot is spot on! What a terrible tragedy at that shelter. Hopefully they will get folks to help out. I too love the fact that a Buddha from 1116 is in your neighborhood. To stop and think about who has been there before you, standing in the exact same spot is surreal and mind boggling at the very least. He is made of sand stone I believe, right?

    The ravioli looked great. You said it needed a little something else? Maybe a tish of rice vinegar and a smidge of sugar to add another layer of flavor. Ian is turning into a excellent cook, and to be able to start with all raw ingrediants is awesome. No packaged or processed junk is the best way to go! Good job guys!