Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Guy

We didn't have a meeting yesterday morning.  Julia (via a text message from Terry) cancelled it at the last minute.  This is our last probationary week, so next Monday we'll find out (again) whether we're still employed.

There is a new foreigner at Yoon's.  His name is Daniel.  He is Korean-American and he's from the L.A. area.  He introduced himself to me and said that he "might" be starting here soon.  I'm not sure what he meant by that, but I feel bad for him, as it seems that his job prospects here are as based on Julia's whims as ours are, but he's not getting paid.  He's been running from class to class and that, and my classes, has prevented me from talking to him much.  I'm not even sure if he lives in Jecheon.  I will hunt him down tomorrow for more details.

I think he's relatively new to Korea because when we met he mentioned that it was nice to see a "familiar" face.  He seems like a nice guy.  He speaks in a kind and gentle tone that will attract Julia's attention and he'll have her on his back about his "lack of zeal" in no time.

I've hardly heard from Julia or Sue in the past couple of days.  I think they've been busy with the new kid.  Sue did tell me yesterday that a student reported to Julia that my class was boring.  I am so ready for a career that doesn't involve putting on a show.  My classes are not boring.  My students are made to work, but we're moving and changing too often for them to be bored.  I've had enough of everything I do being held against Ian's classes.  I want to be praised/corrected/trained according to my own skills and potential.  Not Ian's.  Not the South African teachers from Wonderland that Julia thinks invented the game "telephone."  Not the country of Korea's imaginings regarding who Americans are and what they're good for.  98 days and counting.

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  1. Oh great, Hopefully Julia will get that kids pull this kind of crap all the time, and tell him to get back to work. But knowing Julia as little as I do, I am sure she will jump on it. Unless of course she is to focused on the new guy and how she can mold him. I hope you get to talk to Daniel and find out more about him, like why he came to Korea, and what position Julia is trying him out for, (and not paying for). I will be surprised if he does not go running back to L.A. very soon