Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Official

Since taking the blog "private,"  I've gotten a little lazy.  I don't have to "leave out the details" or try to "be professional in case someone from work reads it" anymore.  So, I don't.  And I expect my new found laziness (read: apathy) will continue.  I hope you don't mind.

With that in mind, here is an email I received from Julia this morning copy and pasted form my inbox:

"It'll be good to change your schools from next week Monday.
I hope during the weekends, Cathy can fully prepare the lessons for the following week.
For Ian, it will become much easier, but for Cathy, having so many classes will struggle before the books are set in the next term.  Number of students re-enrolling for next term will be depended on your two weeks of lessons.  You have to make students happy and enjoy their classes during this time.
For Cathy, I could give more points on the quality of lesson, but the lessons are not energetic and weak in speed wich makes students loose.  Your personality is quiet so it won't be easily fixed, but I think showing interest in them such as hugging, shaking hands, eye contacts will help.  If you make your relationship close to them as they will run and hug you if you meet them on the street, that'll probably help a lot for your lessons.  It'll be very important two weeks.  I hope you two and we can sort things out for good till the end."

I don't know who Cathy is, but she's screwed.

For the record, I've never hugged a student and I don't foresee it happening.  My American upbringing makes that idea far too uncomfortable.  But, I do give some physical affection to my students.  I pat their back or touch their arm.  I like to tussle the boys' hair.  It makes them giggle like girls.  We play.  And I definitely don't have an eye contact issue.  Sheesh.

I'll be sure to instantly bond with Ian's students and stare them in the eyes.  It's all for you, Julia.  You know best.

I wanted to share a picture of the idol card that Daniel gave me yesterday.  Keep in mind, it's normal for boys and girls to carry these around well into their late teens.

To be "handsome" in Korea is to be pretty like a girl.

There was a flyer on our door when I got home for Samsung English.

The parrot is a Samsing English student and the turtle... isn't.  The parrot is supposed to be completely showing up the turtle.

You're supposed to think that the parrot is running English language circles around the turtle because the turtle has to think too long when it speaks.  But, what I see it a conversation taking place where the turtle can't get a word in edgewise.  The parrot is an excellent example of what's wrong with Korean ESL.  Everything is taught as a pattern.  Students don't learn the slight differences between greetings or what's needed from the other speaker before continuing (notice the "Nice to meet you.  How are you?  I'm fine.  And you?")  It gets a bit obnoxious.

My last week of sanity continues tomorrow at Haso.  I've got some more favorite students to wish farwell.

Good night!


  1. wow, this Kathy must be a timid little mouse, but I watched you teach and you are not. I hope you know that you are doing a good job. Sorry you have to change things mid-stream, but I know you will do just fine. Enjoy your favorite kids these last few days!

  2. Uh, maybe the problem is that the parrot is just parroting his lessons...